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Are you a Postini user? Then you’re probably aware of the end-of-life announcement from Google.  Organizations using Postini as an email security and archiving solution are in the process of having these services moved to either G Suite, a professional suite of email, calendaring and collaboration tools, or Google Apps Vault, an eDiscovery and archiving solution for email.

For those in the process of moving data and systems to Google Vault, SADA Systems is excited to announce a new tool available to all Postini users transitioning to Google Vault: the Large Attachment Migration (LAM) tool.

Google Vault does not accept attachments larger than 25MB by default - by using LAM to Google Vault, organizations that typically deal with large email attachments can have attachments over 25MB be supported within Google Vault. LAM to Google Vault allows organizations to seamlessly migrate large email attachments into a private, discoverable cloud-based archive. Hosted in Google App Engine, LAM to Google Vault is 100% cloud-based.

Some benefits of using LAM to Google Vault include:

  • Allows companies to retain a comprehensive database without excluding any files

  • Eliminates local storage costs

  • Facilitates complete fulfillment of compliance regulations and control of information

  • Reduces the time and effort involved with eDiscovery and information management

  • Features built-in retention limits that pair with Google Vault’s restrictions as to keeping data that is needed and archiving the data that is no longer in use

LAM to Google Vault provides a critical service for Postini customers as they make the migration to Vault,” said Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA SADA Systems. “The tool not only provides a means of supporting attachments larger than 25MB in Google Vault, but helps ensure critical large email attachments are migrated over with fidelity during this transition phase.”
As part of SADA Systems’ Google Cloud offerings, LAM to Google Vault is just one piece of how SADA Systems helps organizations during the Postini transition to G Suite. To learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] or visit our website.

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