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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

After much anticipation, Google Chromebooks are finally hitting shelves in outlets. After Google unveiled the chromebooks at the Google I/O conference, the hype surrounding the chromebooks spiraled into a media wave that generated a lot of anticipation as people waited for the chromebooks to hit the markets. They certainly have the buzz in the media but how awesome are the chromebooks really? Let’s take a closer look.

Chromebooks are designed to be lean and quick. They are built to work with the cloud as much as possible. This means that they will have lesser storage but they will be very fast to boot and power up. Google claims that Chromebooks can boot up in 8 seconds! After booting, the OS displays a login page where multiple users are allowed to login. You can login with your Google account and you will be taken to your homescreen from where you can access the Chrome’s web store which is all set to play the same role for Chromebooks as the Marketplace was for Android devices. Google Apps partners are all set to provide apps for the chromebook. The web store will be a central zone to acquire any media content or apps for the chromebook. Google Apps deployment will be able to take advantage of this structure to build and deliver apps on the web store. All media and apps are stored on the cloud and access to them is maintained on the cloud which we think is very cool. The chromebooks come equipped with HD Webcams for video conferencing.

All in all, the Chromebooks offer excellent utility while taking advantage of the cloud. They are light, easy to use and they are certainly going to impact technology greatly. Organizations that are already taking advantage of Google’s cloud services should seriously consider switching to these chromebooks because they can be seamlessly integrated into the system and they can provide a major boost to the average productivity.


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