Preparing to Launch an Application: Costs vs. Benefits

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Today’s guest blogger is Simon Margolis, Senior Cloud Platform Engineer at SADA Systems. Simon Margolis SADA Systems Director of Google Cloud Platform

Traditionally, significant planning is needed to go into the process of building and launching a new app or service.  Questions around expected load, development resources, systems creating and maintenance were key to the success of a launch.  Overestimate demand and load would cause wasted funds on unused resources.  Underestimation (often thought as the greater of two evils) would mean experience impact to end-users and the possible loss of functionality.  More often than not, money was thrown at this dilemma to ensure there were enough resources available for peak usage.

By leveraging the various aspects of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) this traditional dilemma effectively disappears.  GCP offers computing, storage, analytics, and delivery services in a pay-as-you-go model.  By doing this, an application can begin development with little to no costs at all.  As traffic grows, costs rise; conversely as usage declines, costs follow suit.

This significantly reduces the time and effort involved in planning for a new application or service. Furthermore, this allows developers to explore and test more, flexing their creativity without any need for initial investment.  Failed projects no longer carry the massive price tag as nothing purchased went unused.

By allowing Google to handle the provisioning, maintenance, and reliability of the underlying compute, storage, and delivery infrastructure, developers can worry only about their code and take the rest for granted.  Furthermore, business leaders can give their development teams greater flexibility in experimenting with their imaginations without fear of throwing away funds.

Lastly, there is never a need to worry about application infrastructure failing to meet needs.  Just as Google’s products and services reach millions of users every day around the globe, your application can now take advantage of the same industry-leading infrastructure.  With Google’s long history in providing excellent reliability, underlying systems can be forgotten about.  Business leaders as well as developers can rest easy knowing the infrastructure foundation will “just work”.
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