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Today, more than ever, it is increasingly important for employees to be consummate students– continuing to learn, even outside of job descriptions or requirements. The world of technology in particular seems to be spinning faster and faster, and with rapid change and exciting advancements around every corner, staying one step ahead and constantly expanding one’s skills and expertise is vital to success in business as well as building one’s career.

In 2015, we look forward to SADA Systems once again ranking on the Inc. 5000 list of the nations fastest-growing companies. Looking back on the past 14 years of our business, it’s amazing to see how our team has grown–not just in size, but in both raw talent and refined skills. Our vision is to be a place where employees come to learn and grow, and are empowered to challenge themselves to be more competent, knowledgeable and successful.

In support of this vision of continued learning, SADA Systems has consistently paid for our employees to complete certain courses and assessments, such as Scrum Master and Product Owner for our developers, in order to expand their knowledge and continue to add to their repertoire of certifications.

SADA is taking these benefits a step further. We are thrilled to announce a new professional development program to encourage our team to improve their skills and expand their knowledge and capabilities by taking courses of their choice. Designed to cover higher education courses that will enhance an employee’s expertise related to his or her current position, SADA Systems will be reimbursing tuition and fees for college level courses for each employee. Our goal is for employees to provide consistent opportunities to broaden their knowledge base and develop themselves to serve our customers and partners with competency and excellence. We’ve already seen employees apply for classes to develop project management strategy, accountancy skills, developer knowledge, and more.

At SADA Systems, we work hard to bring the right kind of people to our team–and continue to further their skills and growth for new opportunities within the company.

Today’s blogger is Annette Davidsen: Generalist, Culture & People at SADA Systems

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