Reasons to Lift Your Business Off the Ground & Into the Cloud

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Spark a conversation with your CEO about how your business can benefit from the hottest topic in IT today: cloud computing.

Here’s a few ways to get talking cloud with your boss, pulled from “Cloud Computing Is the Future of IT: How to Convince Your Boss” by Chris Preimesberger.

1. Gain business-driven insights from vendors, analysts and media sources like Forrester and Gartner (both of which have published extensively on the topic of cloud computing) – this way, you can objectively assess whether the possibilities of the cloud are aligned with your business needs. IT is a business investment, and like any other investment, the benefits the cloud must be aligned to your internal objectives.

2. Start thinking about what abilities your organization has currently – from the employees, to their business processes and the technologies they use – and what abilities you’d like your organization to have. Look into receiving a professional IT consultation for a gap analysis of your organization, targeting what is required (next steps) to achieve your IT vision.  An IT assessment provides you with a blueprint to transform your organization!

3. Consider a private cloud: private clouds are secure, efficient and flexible. Private cloud infrastructures offer stepping stones towards breaking the cloud down into portions, including self-service management and provisioning, and a virtual data center.

4. ROI, ROI, ROI: think about the returns the cloud will deliver over time with your business. Consider deployment schedules, change management, and how to optimize existing resources while thinking of your organization’s future.
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