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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog


Google Apps for Business users can find plenty of ways to leverage Google+ in the workplace as a tool to provoke engagement with future and current customers, from live Hangouts to integration across other Google Apps for Business tools. Now organizations have even more options with Google+, including ways to ensure that conversations that are private, stay that way.

Organizations with corporate Google+ accounts can leverage restricted communities, exclusive to internal users. These communities limit access to members of your organization or users by invite-only, so your sensitive notes and pre-launch plans can be kept to the circle who’s meant to be in the know. Your organization’s administrators can set restricted Google+ communities as the default, but you’ll always have the option to choose to create communities open to people outside your domain so others (clients, partners, etc.) can join in on the conversation. Learn more about creating and managing communities by visiting the Help Center, or send our team a note if you have any questions.

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