Running VMware based apps in Google Cloud: A technical guide

By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Moving your VMware based applications to the cloud is often a complex and costly process. IT has to grapple with re-architecting applications, changes to networking and tools, and in many cases, app modification for those that are not able to run in the cloud.

Google Cloud VMware Engine simplifies cloud migration and frees IT from the operational overhead of managing physical infrastructure, helping reduce the operational burden and costs of migrating and managing VMware applications. By migrating your VMware applications to Google Cloud, you can continue to leverage your existing investments in VMware, utilize the same tools, processes, and policies, while increasing business agility, security and availability.

This paper provides deeper insights into how VMware Engine facilitates migrating your applications to Google Cloud and helps you understand the impact on networking, security, monitoring, and maintenance.

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Simplify cloud migration with VMware Engine

Download the white paper for a technical overview of VMware Engine and uncover key areas of consideration before you take positive steps towards modernizing your IT infrastructure.

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