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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

To better serve its clients SADA today announced the launch of their Client Instant Feedback System (CIFS). CIFS is designed to send a brief questionnaire to clients upon project completion. The completed questionnaires provide SADA with a significant amount of usable information regarding their service strengths and weaknesses. SADA will use information gathered in this way to expand and improve their services.

“Without continuous improvement a company stagnates, and can no longer be competitive,” said Tony Safoian, President and CEO of SADA Systems, Inc. “The best way to improve is by listening to our customers.” CIFS is a custom system created by SADA to capture real-time business intelligence information about their clients. Delivery of the CIFS form is automated through integration with the Microsoft CRM 3.0 system. CRM is a Microsoft Dynamics product and stands for Customer Relationships Management. The CRM product from Microsoft Dynamics is the leading tool of its kind. More information about Microsoft CRM can be found on the product website, located here.

“We wanted to make this as painless as possible for our clients,” says Safoian. “If it’s difficult or time consuming it’s of no benefit to our customers. We want to provide our clients with a feedback form that will be of real value in improving the services we offer.” CIFS was designed with ease of use in mind. There are fewer than a dozen questions on the form that ask the responder to rate SADA’s service on a scale ranging from “Very Satisfied” to “Very Dissatisfied.” In most cases the form will take less than a minute to fill out. Only slightly longer if a client chooses to fill in the optional comment fields.

SADA’s release of the Client Instant Feedback System is a key component to maintaining the highest levels of service and customer satisfaction.


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