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SADA is excited to announce that we have collaborated with Appsbroker to help Google Cloud partners fill jobs related to Google Cloud projects. SADA, a leading global business and technology consultancy and the two-time Google Cloud Global Partner of the Year, and Appsbroker, among Google Cloud’s largest premier Managed Services partners in Europe, have created, a job board that allows Google Cloud partners to post job openings and build company profiles, with the goal of helping partners identify talent that can support their growth and the growth of the Google Cloud Partner Ecosystem.

Demand for people who have used, sold, supported or implemented Google Cloud infrastructure, services and capabilities is increasing. The ability of Google Cloud partners to source talent is crucial to meeting growing customer demand and helping customers succeed in the cloud. Launching will accelerate hiring at Google Cloud partner companies and help fulfill the supply side gap of talent required to deliver on their Google Cloud  projects. 

“We’ve known for a long time that a potential impediment to our growth would be our ability to find and hire the top Google Cloud and cloud computing talent,” said Tony Safoian, CEO of SADA. “We are growing so rapidly, we literally have openings in every department, from sales and marketing to engineering. is a great way for SADA and every other Google Cloud partner to grow its business and support companies worldwide that are pursuing Google Cloud-based digital transformation.” 

Tony Safoian | CEO, SADA

“ was an idea developed with SADA to help attract the best talent to the Google Cloud ecosystem. Working with SADA, the concept has been developed into a Minimum Viable Product and provided free of charge to the entire ecosystem. It’s been great fun working with SADA on this initiative. I’d like to think in a few years’ time that there will be thousands of talented people who have found their dream job in the Google Cloud ecosystem as a direct result of our endeavors’,” said Mike Conner, Founder & CEO of Appsbroker Limited. is a portal where candidates can view job listings from partners who support the Google Cloud ecosystem in one place. will not collect any personal data or track personal information for any candidates. The ‘apply now’ button will redirect candidates to the specific partner’s applicant tracking systems. is open to Google Cloud partners, and for roles related to supporting customers on Google Cloud only. SADA and Appsbroker will share the responsibility for the creation, development, user engagement, user support and ongoing marketing and maintenance of SADA and Appsbroker will not have any visibility into applying applicants. is wholly owned and operated by SADA and Appsbroker.  Access to will be free from now until the end of June 2021. Beginning July 1st, partners will be assessed a participation fee of $5,000 per one year term. The fees will be designated for site design and development, as well as costs associated with ongoing maintenance, customer service and content moderators. 

“Organizations look to Google Cloud partners for help building a cloud strategy, migrating key workloads to Google Cloud, deploying services like Anthos, managing their cloud deployments and much, much more,” said Nina Harding, Chief of Global Partner Programs and Strategy at Google Cloud. “Bringing the best talent into the Google Cloud ecosystem will be of tremendous benefit to customers, so we’re excited to see this new resource for our ecosystem, spearheaded by Appsbroker and SADA.”

Nina Harding | Chief of Global Partner Programs, Google Cloud

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