SADA earns Google Cloud Data Analytics Partner Specialization

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SADA is proud to announce that we have achieved the Data Analytics Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program. By earning the Data Analytics Partner Specialization, we’ve proven our expertise and success in building customer solutions in the data analytics field using Google Cloud (GCP) to address customer needs across various industries.

Specializations in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program connect customers with qualified partners that have demonstrated strong technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solution and service areas. In addition to the Data Analytics specialization, we’ve achieved Google Cloud Specializations in Application Development, Cloud Migration, Infrastructure, Location-based Services and Work Transformation-Enterprise. The Data Analytics Specialization rewards partners that have demonstrated the ability to help customers manage data ingestion, data preparation, storage and analysis using Google Cloud. 

“The Data Analytics Specialization extends our partnership with Google Cloud to help customers accelerate their data analytics priorities and create personalized outcomes for their users,” said Rajesh Rangaswamy, Executive Partner and Head of Strategic Growth at SADA. “For example, we have multiple enterprises looking to save licensing costs and build a secure and unified data architecture backbone by moving their data warehouses to Google BigQuery. We’re also seeing growing demand across B2C, eCommerce, retail and healthcare to create real-time, self-service analytics platforms empowering their end users to make fast and accurate decisions.”

We offer a wide range of Google Cloud-specific services including enterprise consulting, cloud platform migration, custom application development, workplace transformation, cloud managed services, transition and change management. We were named Google Cloud Global Reseller Partner of the Year for 2018 and 2019, and earlier this year announced a multi-year, $500 million agreement to drive adoption of Google Cloud through our expertise as a Managed Services Provider.

“Data analytics is what’s next: it’s one of the fastest-growing areas of our business,” said Miles Ward, CTO at SADA. “Most of our customers have begun or are planning an analytics initiative using Google Cloud, which has the industry’s best platform for data, bar none. We’re extremely proud to earn the Google Cloud Data Analytics Partner Specialization, which reflects the hard work of our team and the success of our customers.”

Miles Ward | CTO, SADA

“We are excited that SADA has achieved the Data Analytics Partner Specialization,” said Nina Harding, Chief of Global Partner Programs & Strategy at Google Cloud. “SADA has demonstrated deep expertise across Google Cloud’s analytics products and capabilities, and in helping customers across industries develop business strategies and products with data at the core.”

Nina Harding | Chief of Global Partner Programs & Strategy, Google Cloud
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