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A World of Tile, founded in 1989 in Denver, CO, is a company that specializes in providing tile flooring for your home. World of Tile focuses on providing excellence of service and integrity of product to their customers, to assure that they are completely satisfied with the spaces they construct. World of Tile currently has grown to include 14 different locations in 3 different states, primarily in the Southwest and Mountain regions.

A World of Tile, as one of the nation’s leading tile retailers, was experiencing a steady increase in business. World of Tile sought to enhance their current email capabilities as consumer demand rose, adhering to to the saying that, “In today’s economy, you must adapt to the world of change in order to succeed.” The company wanted assistance gaining a more robust and reliable emailing system, in order to send and receive emails without any complications.

World of Tile was using Media Temple web host engine for their primary email system before switching 65 employees to G Suite*. Media Temple was convenient, but only able to provide 25 gigabytes of memory space, being primarily a web hosting platform. In light of World of Tile’s growth, Media Temple was neither robust nor scalable enough for their needs. With 14 store locations spread out over 3 different states, World of Tile demanded a better way to communicate and collaborate between remote stores and field employees.

SADA Systems collaborated with World of Tile to make the modification to G Suite as seamless as possible. G Suite provided a holistic set of tools that incorporates varied methods of real-time communication amongst employees, alongside a platform better suited for their business needs.  SADA took on World of Tile’s move to G Suite, making it easy for World of Tile to shift from Media Temple without internal assistance. SADA’s competitors had requested that World of Tile execute the switch themselves. SADA made sure World of Tile understood every aspect of the process in a step-by-step manner, ensuring that their daily operations would not be interrupted by the migration.

World of Tile is progressing towards a steady adoption of the entire suite of Google products, while enjoying the reliable and streamlined email storage that originally incited the switch. World of Tile no longer puts use into any third-party applications, solely relying on G Suite for their company. World of Tile now receives excellent communication within the company’s many branches. Google [Hangouts] Chat helps employees stay in touch by the minute with ease, while the ability to see and share individual calendars greatly improves organization and coordination of important events amongst corporate employees. Following SADA’s assistance, World of Tile experiences increased ease of essential business communication with G Suite.

*Note: At the time of this case study, G Suite was known as Google Apps


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