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Become a fan of SADA Systems, Inc. through our new page on Facebook.

In a list of all the major success stories in technology for the past five years it would be a serious error to overlook or ignore the growth and influence of social networking. The term social networking generally refers to an online community of individual users who share common interests, activities, or hobbies. The concept of social networking, namely providing an online space where people could share information with each other on a variety of topics goes back to the beginning of the Internet. Early bulletin board services provided a space where users could publish posts on a favorite interest, activity, or hobby. Over time these spaces evolved and became more sophisticated, as the Internet ceased to be a largely text-driven series of online bulletin boards, and became a highly visual and interactive experience. Now the bulletin boards of twenty years ago have given way to the social network services of today. Services in this category include:

SADA recently joined the ranks of users who share photos, opinions, interests, and more with one another using the online service, Facebook. SADA chose Facebook for its clean look, ease of use, customization features, and popularity. Our page on Facebook provides a place where our clients can meet, learn about each other, even start a potentially beneficial and lucrative relationship. Facebook provides a number of small web-based applications that customize the user experience on our page. We have configured our Facebook page to show video content created by SADA (most recently this was a video of the SADA team singing happy birthday to one of our own). Our blog is automatically fed to the page on Facebook through RSS. We even have a few albums of photos for our clients to peruse, and get to know the team at SADA a little better.

What does this mean to you? More and more applications like Facebook, like Google Apps, like Mint are taking the place of applications that have traditionally been run from the desktop. Facebook allows those of you with whom we may work on a regular basis, but have never met in person, to put a face with a name in an email, or a voice on the other end of a teleconference. Facebook provides our clients, friends, and fans with a new and unique means of contacting SADA.


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