SADA & Google Apps Case Study: Oregon Anesthesiology Group

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Oregon Anesthesiology Group is comprised of over 200 Board Certified/Eligible anesthesiologists, providing a wide spectrum of treatment settings in state-of-the-art anesthesia and peri-operative medical care for over 20 hospitals and surgery centers throughout the state of Oregon.

SADA Systems works with its primary client base to develop innovative IT solutions for the technical problems organizations face today. Specializing in design, delivery, deployment and support, SADA delivers a holistic and cutting-edge suite of best-of-breed technologies, allowing organizations to achieve new levels of working effectiveness, efficiency and collaboration.

Oregon Anesthesiology Group struggled to find messaging and collaborative tools to increase efficiency of communication amongst a large staff, where real-time and reliable contact is essential. OAG’s staff also required a larger email inbox capacity, and the ability to update and collaborate over documents, in a cost-effective and simple way. Oregon Anesthesiology Group also needed to find ways to be able to archive and discover old email messages.

SADA provided over the phone assistance with data migration and training to help Oregon Anesthesiology Group deploy and implement Google Apps. OAG had bought extensive training in order to aid end-users in discovering the functions of Google Docs in their workplace. SADA also helped guide the implementation process of archiving and discovery, providing step-by-step guidance towards customizing settings that OAG required.

With SADA’s assistance, Oregon Anesthesiology Group has successfully migrated their organization to Google Apps. The employees now benefit from a larger email inbox with the real-time collaboration tools they needed to increase efficiency and ease of communication. Administration also now enjoys the ability to monitor and search for emails in a much more streamlined and organized manner.

“We simply cannot imagine going with Google Apps without having SADA there to guide us through the all of the configuration and setup options. As a seasoned IT professional, I can say that SADA made the difference between being frustrated with trying to figure out Google’s design vs. quickly getting the answers I needed, from a source that has an excellent understanding of the service Google is offering. SADA Systems professionals are knowledgeable, experienced and responsive to the unique requirements of their customers. I would not hesitate to recommend them as a reseller of Google Apps; in fact SADA made the difference between staying with Google Apps and going with an in house solution.” – Mark Goodman, MS. Sr. Programmer Analyst at Oregon Anesthesiology Group


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