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The Bakersfield Californian is an independent, family-owned newspaper and media company. Originally published in 1866 as The Weekly Courier, it was the county’s first newspaper. Today, The Bakersfield Californian is a recognized innovator in incorporating user-generated content into its media.

SADA Systems, Inc. ( is a privately held information technology consulting, outsourcing and development firm founded in 2000. SADA started as a Google Partner for its search technology, and is proud to be one of the world’s first 10 Google Apps partners, having participated in the Google Apps official launch campaign in February of 2007. SADA is highly experienced in Google Apps migration, implementation and deployment for the enterprise, education, non profit and government sectors.

The Bakersfield Californian had hardware that was at its end of life. The newspaper publisher had been running a “bare bones” set up for both employees and users – each had approximately 18 gigabyte archives of mail per inbox, with the overall size of Exchange storage being 300 gigabytes. The Bakersfield Californian approached SADA for assistance in developing a more cost-effective solution that would provide more inbox space and reduce their administrative overhead.

Many employees of The Bakersfield Californian were already using Gmail as their personal emailing system, and were familiar with its features. The SADA team and The Bakersfield Californian staff decided that the transition from their former messaging system to Google Apps have the least migration impact. The SADA team’s goal for the Google Apps migration was for it to go as smoothly as possible, to allow  The Bakersfield Californian to continue to meet critical deadlines. Additionally, the decision to “go Google” would be cost-efficient for the publication, a persuasive point that prompted employees to be open-minded as the prospect of the move. Another compelling point for The Bakersfield Californian was SADA’s referral via Google. SADA deployed Google Apps and held numerous training seminars to assist The Bakersfield Californian employees in using Google Apps efficiently and to its full advantage.

Following SADA’s assistance with the Google Apps deployment and follow-up training, The Bakersfield Californian reported their usage of the suite was smooth. The Bakersfield Californian employees now have the option to utilize various functions in Google Apps to finish their work remotely. Although the Bakersfield Californian is focused on the benefits of emailing within the Google Apps suite, they perceive the convenience and possibility for innovative use within Google Docs. Given the ability to share documents and hold conversation through options within the document itself is an invaluable tool in a community where heavy collaboration and real-time edits are tantamount to success . Users in the advertising department at The Bakersfield Californian also find Google Apps very productive. The fact that they are now able to work whenever they’d like, from wherever they wish makes responding to customers in a timely matter a much simpler task.
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