SADA Systems and Twigkit Partner to Deliver Better User Experience for Google Search for Work

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SADA is thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Twigkit software to provide an easy search capability for enterprise as well as social features for Google Search Appliance customers.

IDC reports that employees spend approximately 38% of their time unsuccessfully searching and re-creating content. Google Search for Work with Google Search Appliance is designed to reduce the time it takes for employees, partners, and customers to find relevant data within an organization’s various systems and!gsa-twigkit-partnership-sada-systems

Twigkit takes this a step further; the vision behind their innovative software is to bring the power of the Google Search Appliance to life. The Twigkit team has taken the unique approach of embracing the fact that data silos inevitably exist inside every company, and that their powerful, user-friendly tools allow companies to quickly manage search experiences, acting as a glue that connects data and gives end users one central access point to the information they need.gsa-search-sada-systems-statistics

“Partnering with Twigkit has enabled SADA to deliver comprehensive, feature-rich search solutions to customers much more quickly,” stated Joe Kosco, Vice President of Sales at SADA Systems. “Our customers derive substantial business value from the Twigkit platform -- the applications are more flexible and interactive for users enabling them to make informed decisions faster and time-to-market cycles are dramatically reduced.”

 Twigkit’s software combined with the power of the Google Search Appliance provides customizable, dynamic search results both internally and externally for a range of critical business information such as customer insight, product and resource information, communication and collaboration, transaction history, and more. Taking a modular approach ensures exceptional search speed and impenetrable security, and Twigkit offers a more user focused experience that allows companies to customize everything from search boxes and buttons to visualizations and heatmaps. Organizations can give their employees, partners, and customers the features they need with whatever look and feel they desire.

“We are absolutely delighted to be partnering with SADA Systems,” said Stefan Olafsson, CEO at Twigkit. “We have been working closely with SADA Systems for some time now and our technology perfectly complements their technical leadership and strong position in the enterprise search space. Together we are able to offer perfectly integrated search experiences to customers.”

The social features that Twigkit has developed adds another layer, allowing users to take enterprise search a step further. Employees have the ability to collaborate and interact with information through one central portal, keeping departments and employees on the same page. Users can comment on results, bookmark, add keywords, and more to internal documents for even faster search capabilities, collaboration, and document updating.

To learn more about Google Search Appliance with Twigkit, contact us at [email protected].

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