SADA Systems announces new custom design and development services for Google Sites

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

SADA is thrilled to announce revamped custom design and development services for Google Sites, part of the Google Apps for Business suite of products. Google Sites is a website creation tool intended to allow users to quickly build team oriented sites with multiple collaborators. Key benefits of Google Sites include:

  • Intuitive editing and ease of maintenance

  • Infinite scalability

  • Easy sharing capabilities

  • Built-in search powered by Google search

  • Security and reliability with worry-free uptime

SADA Systems, a Google Apps Premier Enterprise Reseller, has built custom designed Google Sites since its launch in 2009, and applies this expertise to offer four (4) new Google Sites Packages, with customization options available per package.

“SADA is excited to re-launch our Google Sites custom development services with our Google Sites Package options,” said Tony Safoian, President and CEO of SADA Systems. “SADA helps all organizations from the enterprise, to education, government and small business, quickly build and use workspaces and websites that are expertly designed with the right tools and training to support their specific needs.”

SADA’s Google Sites Packages are available in the following: Bronze Package, Silver Package, Gold Package and Platinum Package. Each Google Sites Package, starting with the Bronze Package, offers increasing levels of design and development services, including the number of design build-outs available, to content migration, custom navigation, training and more.

SADA provides unique design expertise for Google Sites, offering customization capabilities far beyond the available templated designs, from external facing Google Sites to internal portals. SADA provides custom development services with SADA’s Google Sites Packages, to create simple, efficient workflows to update websites as needed. SADA applies its development expertise to create custom Google Gadgets, HTML and JavaScript applications embedded into Google Sites that are hosted in Google App Engine, which provides 99.9% uptime to its clients. SADA has built a repository of powerful tools and applications that complement any organization’s Google Sites content while pulling in dynamic content. By utilizing App Engine to host Google Gadgets, SADA is able to build out applications quickly and securely, while streamlining usage so that any updates can be easily managed through the Google Apps platform.

To learn more about SADA Systems’ Google Sites Packages and design services, visit Additional custom development options are also available.

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