SADA Systems introduces Google Vault and Google Drive

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

SADA Systems is happy to announce the addition of Google Vault for business and Google Drive, part of the ever-evolving suite of products in the Google cloud!

Google Vault allows Google Apps users to manage, archive and preserve business data. Using Google Vault allows you to quickly sift through electronic information, and even better, provides availability of all your data in just a few clicks – including Gmail and off-the-record chats. Businesses benefit from a service that provides security and auditable access to information – to read more about Google Vault, visit the Google Enterprise blog.

Google Drive, the latest innovation in the Google cloud, is a product that allows users to store files online and share them amongst specifically selected individuals, from various devices. Google Drive is fully integrated with other products in the Google cloud, such as Docs and G+. In fact, Google Docs is completely built into Google Drive, so you can share and collaborate on anything: videos, PDFs, images, etc. Work with individuals and teams both inside and outside of your organization. Store everything securely, while being able to access it on the move – even better, get 5 GB of storage space for free. To read more on how your organization should leverage Google Drive, visit the Google Enterprise blog.

SADA Systems is excited to see how we might help your organization benefit from these new developments in the cloud – feel free to contact us at for any questions you might have concerning these changes!

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