SADA Expands Services Offering to Include Orbitera Cloud Commerce Platform

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

We're excited to announce a new partnership with Orbitera to provide services
for their Cloud Commerce Platform.

Through this partnership, SADA will help its customers select cloud solutions available on Orbitera Marketplace, manage implementation, assist with adoption, and provide visibility into the value customers are getting from these solutions.

Acquired by Google last year, Orbitera offers a multi-tier, multi-cloud commerce platform that makes buying and selling software in the cloud simple, seamless and scalable for end users, independent software vendors (ISVs), service providers and channel companies. Over the past decade, SADA has migrated over 20 million users to the cloud, providing consultation and implementation services to leading brands including Colgate-Palmolive, Marriott, Hunterdon Healthcare, Chicago Department of Transportation and Smyte. A Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA was recently named the 2016 Americas Google Partner of the Year Customer Success for Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps. SADA received the awards for its work implementing and customizing Google cloud solutions and cloud-based applications.

“Extending our partnership with SADA is about empowering our customers. At Orbitera we’ve built a strong ecosystem of cloud solutions to streamline the process of selling software and services. By joining forces with SADA, we are bringing the power of our tools to more businesses looking for the tools to execute commerce in the cloud,” says Marcin Kurc, Head of Google Cloud Commerce Platform.

Customers demand flexible pricing models—and the ability to offer different products in different payment models; Orbitera has experience with everything from the most basic perpetual license, to subscriptions, to more sophisticated consumption and usage-based models. With Orbitera, SADA can now provide custom invoices to multiple cost centers so companies can track, understand and better optimize their cloud investments.

“A big challenge companies have today when embracing cloud software is a lack of oversight when it comes to spend and usage,” says Tony Safoian, President and CEO at SADA Systems. “Working with Orbitera and SADA, companies will have visibility into consumption at a granular level, enabling the ability to do such things as billing services back to individual departments. SADA and Orbitera are providing the tools modern enterprises need to confidently accelerate adoption of cloud software.”

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