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Scalr IllustrationOrganizations today, under constant pressure to innovate, often turn to cloud solutions to leverage the agility and cost benefits. These benefits frequently develop into a major challenge – the management of complex cloud environments.

Scalr developed its Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to address the multiple, conflicting needs of an enterprise adopting cloud. Instead of your IT department switching between many interfaces and consoles, Scalr provides an all-in-one suite of integrated tools that provide access to, and governance over, your organization’s various needs for a full range of public and private cloud solutions.

Scalr_logoSADA is pleased to announce our partnership with Scalr as an official integration partner, providing implementation and support services to streamline your cloud environment. Scalr’s unique strength lies in its ability to balance the needs of both development and IT, delivering the precise control IT requires while simultaneously removing the barriers to efficiency that development traditionally confronts when accessing cloud infrastructure.

Scalr delivers self-service access to your cloud infrastructure to ensure that your IT department has full control and ownership of your resources while allowing developers the flexibility and ready access they need to remain competitive. It acts as an intermediary management layer between engineering and cloud infrastructure, making infrastructure management as transparent as possible. Looking ahead, this also provides your organization with the ability to scale as needed to leverage a broad range of cloud tools to most adequately meet your business goals.

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