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Today’s guest blogger is Linus Rinke, a Certified Trainer and Training Specialist at SADA Systems.

In last week’s blog we talked about how important it is to Be One Step Ahead in everything we do – whether that’s our outlook as a company, our methodologies as individual employees, or the business strategies we draft with our clients. Since arguably no field is as fast-paced as IT,  it’s imperative that we have employees who can foresee any upcoming changes and be the frontrunners of that change. Of course without the ability to be flexible and adapt to new ways of thinking,  it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to consistently Be One Step Ahead. This is where our next core value comes into play: Be A Change Agent.

At SADA Systems we are in the business of change. We are focused on leading-edge technology that is ever-evolving. We embrace change enthusiastically and encourage agility. This means that not only do we understand that change is inevitable, but we leverage this change as a tool to take our business to new heights.

SADA Systems core values

Everywhere, major change is occurring. Changes that have propelled business executives, particularly those in technology fields, to rethink the way they look at markets and push their competitive limits. In stark contrast to the pre-Internet days, today’s markets are increasingly global in nature and as a result, executives in all industries have to be comfortable with ambiguity, confident with change, open to discovery and much more nimble if they are going to be counted amongst the survivors. It’s rare to find a firm that – on its own terms – can take its commoditized businesses behind the woodshed in order to open up to better opportunities ahead. Unfortunately, it’s much more common to see a company forced, kicking and screaming, toward that commodity dead zone. That’s why it’s so important, here at SADA, to Be A Change Agent – to embrace change and innovation as the driver to our success. From staying abreast to new products to identifying more efficient ways of working, change is something we leverage as a tool.

As always, this week’s core value was also paired with a team building activity to bring to life exactly what this core value means to us as SADAians. The initial instructions for this task were pretty straightforward: take a deck of cards and build a house of cards as high as you can. That will determine the winner. “But Linus,” you might ask. “What does this task have anything to do with being a change agent?”

Well, what our teams didn’t know was that every few minutes, a new set of rules regarding how to structure the house of cards would be revealed! In order to be successful at this task, employees had to think quick on their feet and be nimble. An example of what sort of rules our employees had to work with include:  The first level cannot contain any odd numbers and the total value of cards on the second level cannot exceed 24. Of course no one had any idea what the rules would be, or how many there were in total – so to Be A Change Agent was an absolute must.

The takeaway from this activity is that here at SADA, we have to be open to new ideas, new ways of completing a task and of course, any unexpected changes that might try to challenge us. Any scenario, from building a card house to managing a deployment, which may have initially appeared simple and straightforward, ends up being full of twists and turns.

We realize that our industry is not always what it seems and change is always looming around the corner – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! In order to rise above the rest, we need to always remain agile and ready to adapt – because the inability to do so could leave us stuck in our old ways and cost us our competitive edge in the market. That’s what makes us SADAians – we challenge ourselves to lead with change.

Have you had to Be A Change Agent in your organization? Tell us how!


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