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Today’s guest blogger is Linus Rinke, a Certified Trainer and Training Specialist at SADA Systems.

Today we’ll be discussing the second of our five Core Values: Be Data Driven! So what exactly does it mean to embrace data as one of our core values? Well in essence what it means is that we make purposeful decisions and take calculated risks fueled by the analysis of internal data, observation of market trends, lessons from experience, and feedback from our fans and critics. We believe data drives continuous improvement. 

SADA Systems core valuesIn our industry, we collect all different kinds of data on a daily basis – whether that data is gathered from the experiences we have with our clients, feedback from our partners and colleagues, or as we learn more about the technologies we use everyday.

We have various ways that we collect data but what exactly do we do with that data once we have it?  Embracing a data driven culture doesn’t just mean collecting data, but also analyzing that data and using it to improve our decision making when tackling new challenges. Imagine how much more powerful of a tool data can be when it’s applied to the things we already do best!

In that week’s Be Data Driven activity, we had everyone break into teams and imagine they were lost at sea following a shipwreck. In order to survive the ordeal, teams were asked to rank a list of random items from most to least important. Each team was given two chances to rank their items based on which ones they believed would be most critical while stranded at sea. Following the first round, an expert survival clue was revealed to all teams and everyone got a second chance to prioritize their list. Teams were scored based on how closely their rankings mirrored that of an expert survival guide. As you might imagine, the extra piece of data following the first round helped improve every team’s score!

The activity required most of what we need to deliver the quality of service we strive for on a daily basis: teamwork, critical thinking and the ability to make use of expert data to drive decision making. Prior to the data hint and before the second round, our teams had no real frame of reference in regards to which items were important and why. The inclusion of data helped teams better prioritize their items as it became more clear what it would take to survive.

You could say data is critical to the success of our company.  Everything from the services we deliver to our clients, to our communication and engagement strategies, is fueled by the data we gather and our assessment and application of that data. The takeaway here is that data is so much more than simply what we experience –  it’s how we use those experiences to drive our desire to provide only the highest quality of service to our clients and partners.

Stay tuned next Friday as we cover our next core value: Be One Step Ahead!

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Share your corporate values with us! When have you found it key to Be Data Driven in a company?


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