StrikeReady joins SADA SaaS Alliance Program with AI cloud security

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StrikeReady logo. The company is breaking new ground in cloud security operations with AI.

SADA is proud to welcome AI cloud security innovators StrikeReady to our SaaS Alliance Program. StrikeReady brings together contextual awareness, automation, knowledge and collaboration to modernize security operations and integrates with all the leading endpoint, network, and cloud and intelligence technologies.

StrikeReady: Innovating in AI cloud security with CARA

StrikeReady offers the industry’s first cloud-based Security Operations and Management platform, CARA, powered by an intelligent system. CARA was designed to not only assist, but also empower cybersecurity teams that are overburdened with an endless tally of incidents, alerts, and ever-changing threat landscape. With CARA, teams can respond quickly to incidents and proactively defend against emerging threats as they continue to perform security operations tasks.

Strikeready AI cloud security innovators

The platform is designed to scale by leveraging a microservice and serverless architecture. In addition, it offers multi-tenancy to meet the needs and expectations of extremely complex environments. As a vendor-neutral platform, CARA features extensive integrations and is designed to make cross-team collaboration easier.

An expanded focus on cloud AI

“StrikeReady is an exciting new addition to the community of innovators who make up our SaaS Alliance Program,” says SADA CEO Tony Safoian. “With their established and future forward vision of transforming cloud security with the power of AI, they’re a perfect fit with the Alliance Program’s expansive array of SaaS solutions.”

The inclusion of StrikeReady into the Alliance Program also comes as SADA is greatly expanding service offerings related to AI, including Duet and generative AI in general. Expert-led consultations and workshops are available for anyone seeking to integrate generative AI into businesses in any industry. SADA’s AI/ML experts have been working closely with Google Cloud to make the newest generative AI solutions available to organizations of any size, with more use cases added every day. In addition, SADA’s AI experts are making sure that new AI solutions are integrated with cloud security services and best practices

SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program

Driven by shared opportunities and a spirit of collaboration, SADA’ SaaS Alliance Program brings together the most innovative solutions available on Google cloud. As an accelerant for go-to-market strategies, SADA’s  SaaS Alliance Program amplifies the impact and expands the scope of opportunity for ISVs and digital natives operating in any domain and industry. 

StrikeReady joins SADA SaaS Alliance Program

In addition to shortening the time to business value, the program: 

  • Empowers technical teams with focused professional services support
  • Extends market reach through co-branded marketing initiatives
  • Enriches sales pipeline through sales enablement sessions and materials, account mapping, targeted outbound outreach, and more

Learn more about SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program and what value it can provide for your unique business today.


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