The Evolving Role of the CIO: Personal Tech Cloud and Security

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Ben Fried, CIO of Google

What Every CIO Should Understand About Today’s IT

With tech being driven forward so strongly by both employee demand for consumer technologies as well the as the immense opportunity for business transformation, organizations can no longer rely on the old change management cycles to drive their business forward. The ability to advance at the pace of change is vital to maintaining a competitive edge on the marketplace.

Change: The Shift from Enforcer to Enabler

According to Urs Hözle, Senior VP of Infrastructure at Google, “With the cloud, the power to build new products and features to delight your customers and win future customers can be distributed through your entire business. The central IT organization is not a blocker of progress, but the ultimate enabler.”

Additionally, Fried makes the case that keeping up with the rapid pace of technology requires being open to cloud computing and the business agility it provides, and that because so many people are already in the cloud, it is not as hard as it used to be.

Distributed Computing

The business advantage offered by the cloud goes far beyond just cost savings due to not having to build or manage your own on-premise data centers. The built-in scaling allows for rapid, efficient growth, and anytime, anywhere access to work provides a connected experience that is changing all industries.

Google has pioneered many of the premier technologies and systems that have made these changes possible. Continued innovation in Google Cloud Platform, Google’s first-class infrastructure, has provided the backbone for the kind of dramatic scalability that fuels today’s dynamic technology environment.

With the cloud, the ability to build new products and services to engage and service your customers is easier than ever, and can be distributed throughout your entire company.

google-drive-for-work-1The Tension between Freedom and Security

Today, CIOs face a deceiving dilemma between a user’s desire for freedom and the organization’s need for security. Although traditional environments provided limitations along the spectrums of both ideas, cloud computing tools like Google Drive for Work blur the lines by providing advanced solutions allowing users to access their data anywhere on any device in a secure manner.

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