The importance of your cloud deployment partner

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

So you’ve decided to take your company to the clouds! That’s great news, but you should know that when you are migrating to the clouds for the very first time, it is always better to partner with a cloud deployment expert who specializes in cloud migration, like SADA Systems.
Why is it important to partner with a partner that possesses specific expertise in cloud deployment like SADA?

    • Extensive knowledge – The cloud experts at SADA Systems have extensive knowledge of Google Apps and other popular cloud services. You will have this knowledge at your disposal when you partner with a cloud deployment partner.
    • Comprehensive support – You will receive comprehensive support during every phase of your cloud migration. You will be able to move your mail, calendars, contacts etc. with ease.
    • Training and change management – Migrating to the clouds involves significant changes in users’ workflows, and the adjustment requires a lot of training and change management. Your cloud deployment partner will be able to provide you with customized training to get your team trained and ready to deploy into the clouds.
    • Apps Recommendations – A cloud deployment partner will know the best apps in Google Apps Marketplace to help your business thrive. You will benefit from the recommendations of a cloud deployment partner.

With the help of a cloud deployment partner, you will be ready to navigate the clouds with ease. A deployment partner will help you find the best apps, install add-ons and support packages, and ensure that your employees are able to use the tools with ease and improve their productivity. A cloud partner will assist you in fine tuning your cloud strategy so that you get exactly what your business needs. If some component of your cloud deployment isn’t working as quite as expected, you will have the support of the cloud partner to tweak the component to get it back up and running.


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