The Top Five Ways to Leverage Google Apps to Streamline Business

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Leading organizations around the world have been empowered to innovate and grow their business in new ways with Google technologies. Here are a few ways they are using Google Apps to achieve competitive advantage and enhance customer experience.

Google Drive Productivity1. Manage Brand Assets Securely

Securely storing, accessing and sharing digital content is a massive endeavor for organizations today. Storing and distributing visual content to promote a brand such as photos, logos and videos across every channel is vital to success and continuing to grow in importance and volume. The power of Google Drive is that is not only syncs to the cloud so that everyone is on the same page with the latest content, but powerful security features ensure that valuable information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Robust sharing features streamline internal projects and make working with external vendors and agencies simple and secure.

google-apps-collaboration-12. Train Workers Anytime, Anywhere, and from Any Device

Google Hangouts makes it easy to conduct interactive, virtual training classes to save on time and travel costs. Better yet, if you are training workers across multiple locations, shifts, and products you can even set up a self-service training portal by storing videos and procedures in Google Drive. Also, onboarding and training new hires quickly and efficiently is vital. Conduct interviews anywhere with Hangouts, and share important onboarding documents using Google Drive to streamline and speed up the recruiting and training process.

3. Enhance Customer Experience

With information stored in the cloud with Google Drive, associates and reps are empowered by always-on access to necessary information wherever they might be. For example, when an associate is answering a customer’s question or making a recommendation, they can access videos or FAQs stored in Google Drive from anywhere using their phone or tablet in order to provide customers with the best possible response. Employees can also reach out to their peers on internal Google+ communities to get their questions answered by the most qualified experts.

4. Streamline Operations

Move all your operations and processes online using Google Forms, which allows you to create electronic forms for step-by-step processes like product recalls, time off requests, supply orders or acknowledgements of company policies in a matter of minutes and send them out to the appropriate contacts.

5. Manage Tasks and Schedules

Leading and coordinating teams of hundreds of employees across multiple locations can be overwhelming and time consuming. Manage your team more effectively by planning schedules and task lists with Google Sheets and Google Calendar, making tasks and schedules seamless, interactive, and always up-to-date. Employees can view their schedule, make comments or provide status updates in real-time from any device they may be using. Managers can make changes and provide access to the latest version of a schedule or list and view the project status in real-time.

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