The Top Five Ways to Use Google Workspace in Manufacturing

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Manufacturing companies around the world are discovering new and innovative ways to leverage Google Workspace to streamline operations and empower employees in order to accelerate product cycles and grow business. Below are the top five ways manufacturing companies today are realizing benefits with the Google Workspace suite of productivity apps.

  1. Bring new products to market faster through increased collaboration between suppliers and management. With Google Docs, Sheets, and Drive, managers can collaborate on and share product designs, CAD files, research data, test data, quality guidelines, KPIs, and mock-ups with stakeholders in order to accelerate product cycles, align product strategy and reach data-driven business faster as a team. Managers can also share relevant task lists and activities with Google Sheets or Google Calendar.
  2. Enable deskless mobile workers. Give your team members the freedom to be productive and access all necessary information wherever they are and from any device with Google Drive. Workers on the plant floor can access product specifications, work instructions, checklists, or reports. Sales teams can spend a lot of time on the road meeting with dealers and partners and drive sales wherever they are with immediate access to pricing databases, product configuration models, or promotions.
  3. Interview, hire, or train employees from anywhere. Managers training workers across multiple locations, shifts, and products can easily conduct virtual, face-to-face meetings with Google Hangouts. Sets of important onboarding information can be easily and securely shared with new hires to speed up and improve the onboarding process.
  4. Manage plant operations for all workers and employees online. With Google Forms, you can move all your operations and processes online: create electronic forms for product recalls, time off requests, or supply orders quickly, and easily update them to ensure your company is always up to date with the latest processes. Also, assembly errors can be minimized with detailed instructions and photos in Google Drive on Google Sites pages, which workers can access from anywhere on the plant floor from shared workstations or mobile devices.
  5. Effectively manage tasks and schedules. No more sending out multiple updates for new tasks or schedule changes – with Google Sites, Google Sheets, and Calendar, you can create and manage a dynamic schedule in order to plan and distribute tasks in a fluid and simple way. Team members and managers can stay in the loop by accessing updated information from one central location or even provide feedback and updates by directly adding comments.

SADA, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, specializes in effectively integrating Google technologies for manufacturing organizations to increase your productivity and improve collaboration.

A recent SADA customer, Aerotech, which designs and manufactures high-performance motion control systems worldwide, recently implemented Google Workspace in order to sustain its growing international footprint through mobility and cloud-based email and data sharing systems. Read their full story here

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