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Editor’s note: Today’s guest blogger is Tracey Flynn, a Google Apps for Education Certified Trainer and SADA Systems’ Training Manager.

As the Training Manager at SADA Systems, the question I hear over and over again from our clients considering Google Apps is…”Do the employees really need training?”

My answer is always the same, “Yes!” Not just because it’s my job to train people, but because I have seen what happens when employees do not receive training. I have found that both employees and the company benefit when proper training is provided in advance.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of Google Apps Training for Employees:

    • Optimizing Gmail Beyond Personal Use
      Organizations often believe that because most of their employees have a personal Gmail account, they are already familiar with the enterprise tools. The way a person uses Gmail at home is much different than the way they will use it at work. Training on Searching, Labels, Stars, Filters, Contact Groups and Labs can make a huge difference in the way Gmail is used at work.

    • Maximizing Google Apps for Business Capabilities – It’s not just Gmail!
      Employees don’t know, what they don’t know. After attending training, employees have a better understanding of the full capability of the Google Apps Suite. Without training, employees can get frustrated and become unhappy with the change to a new Mail, Calendar and Collaboration suite.

    • Training increases productivity and reduces support issues
      In the SADA Training Department, we have a saying…If you are self taught, you are not doing it the wrong way, just the long way. Training can save time and increase productivity because employees get up to speed on the new tools faster when they attend training.

    • Training helps employees understand the paradigm shift that comes with working in the Cloud
      When making a transition to the Cloud, employees need to see, from an expert, that not only will they have the same functionality they had before, but there are some nuances to the Google Apps Suite that can help them to become more efficient, to collaborate better and faster, anytime, any where from any device.

    • Training gives employees dedicated time to learn
      Oftentimes, migrations occur over the weekend.  Users come into work on Monday and have to do the same job they were expected to do last week, but with a different tool.  Training provides users with a designated time to learn the product rather than having to learn on the job.  Without training, users can tend to get frustrated as they are trying to work and learn at the same time.  Training sessions help to relieve that anxiety and empower the users with key tasks, which in turn leads to higher levels of productivity.

For companies who see the value of training but are finding it challenging to convince their employees to attend, SADA will work with you to develop employee surveys and programs to help show them how training will improve efficiency and save time on their day-to-day activities.

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