Top 3 reasons we’re excited about HYCU’s Future of Data Protection announcement

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Every Software as a Service (SaaS) company and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) can protect against today’s evolving cyber threats with a robust backup and recovery service. SADA Alliance partner HYCU has announced the launch of R-Cloud, the powerful low-code development platform for data protection designed to enable SaaS vendors and ISVs to quickly develop purpose-built, enterprise-class backup and recovery for their applications in a matter of days. 

At its foundation, the R-Cloud platform empowers SaaS companies to leverage HYCU’s data protection expertise, orchestration, identity and access management, policy management, and analytics to protect data. Here are 3 reasons why we’re excited about this new offering:

  1. A low-code environment makes it easy for HYCU to scale their data protection as a service, HYCU Protégé, to cover a range of SaaS Applications.

In the early 2000s, SaaS applications were reserved for siloed organizations. Now organizations are interconnected, with even highly regulated industries, including finance, legal, and healthcare, heavily reliant on Saas Applications that work across multiple organizations. HYCU’s announcement lowers the barrier to entry for customers who wish to apply their backup technology across their tech stack, providing peace of mind in instances of outages or breaches.

  1. Data visualization shows customers applications that are unprotected

The proprietary technology within R-Cloud enables HYCU to provide customers with an easy-to-understand visualization of vulnerable applications within HYCU Protégé. This makes it easier for IT decision-makers to evaluate their current software and plan for better backup and recovery.

  1. It’s available on Google Marketplace

As a long-time SADA SaaS Alliance Partner, HYCU offers their solution via Google Marketplace. SADA customers can apply their existing commitment to Google Cloud to purchase HYCU Protégé, including the new visualization capabilities and SaaS backup & recovery modules.. Through this, they’ll also get consolidated billing and management of their infrastructure.

“HYCU is one of SADA’s original SaaS Alliance Program partners, since early 2021,” says SADA President and CEO Tony Safoian. “We’ve been thrilled to be a part of HYCU’s rapid evolution. We believe R-Cloud is an innovative approach to scale business-critical Google Cloud services, providing a compelling way to protect and recover modern applications in the cloud. We couldn’t be more excited at what R-Cloud can offer our joint customers.”

SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program provides innovative companies with opportunities to develop joint go-to-market strategies, account mapping sessions, business planning and reviews, and marketing strategies. Working closely with SADA experts, Alliance members also have access to a cohort of other businesses with complementary services. R-Cloud arrives as more organizations are scrutinizing their cloud security practices and developing strategies to prepare against future threats. For more insight on how to develop a robust security posture, download our ebook, The Top 5 Security Threats and How to Confront Them in 2023 today.


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