Top 7 Reasons to Use LumApps with G Suite

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Organizations that do not undergo successful, sustainable digital transformations will eventually lose their relevance and be unable to compete in today’s hyper-connected marketplace. Yet according to McKinsey & Company, fewer than 30% of digital transformations succeed, even within digital industries such as high tech, media, and telecom.

A successful digital transformation has many moving parts, but all of them are underpinned by effective communication and collaboration throughout one’s enterprise. This requires breaking away from traditional, static communication methods to interactive solutions that encourage open dialogue. Historically, this has been easier said than done. Traditional organizational communication channels, such as email, live chat, and internal social networks, are disconnected and operate in silos. 

LumApps is a social and collaborative platform that integrates with G Suite by providing professional templates, communities, and rich editing features. LumApps also integrates with Google Cloud Search, enhancing search capabilities inside the workplace. LumApps was designed to connect disparate corporate communication channels and provide a singular platform that acts as both an enterprise portal for top-down corporate communications and a peer-to-peer internal social network. Here are the 7 biggest reasons why your enterprise should be using LumApps with G Suite:

1. Enterprise readiness

LumApps is a sleek, easy-to-use corporate communications portal and employee social intranet designed specifically for enterprise use. The LumApps portal, which is organized and managed at the corporate level, is completely customizable to fit the organization’s brand identity and facilitates top-down, bottom-up, transversal, targeted, and one-to-one corporate communications. The custom content designer and templates enable companies to create as many different types of content as they need and easily embed videos, links, photos, and other eye-catching features.

2. Enhance productivity

LumApps provides one easy-to-use portal containing all G Suite apps, plus resources such as company news and announcements, social communities, and employee directories, all securely accessible using single sign-on (SSO). Employees can read their emails, check their calendars, and access documents all from one portal, which can be customized to display the apps and folders they use most frequently. LumApps Global Search harnesses the power of Google Search so that employees can access the right information, and the right people, at the right time. LumApps is fully responsive and accessible on any device, including mobile phones and tablets, so employees can stay connected even when working remotely.

3. Supercharge the collaborative features of G Suite

G Suite’s collaborative features are already unparalleled among business productivity solutions, but LumApps makes them even better. LumApps transforms a G Suite deployment into a true social experience combining enterprise portal functionality with social and collaborative features such as communities and workspaces with group folders and calendars, customized activity feeds, and push notifications. 

4. Drive G Suite adoption

Every company that switches to G Suite encounters stragglers who hesitate to leave behind legacy productivity apps and fully adopt G Suite. By connecting and engaging all employees in the LumApps portal and making it easy for them to access G Suite apps, LumApps acts as a “carrot” to encourage everyone in the organization to not only adopt G Suite but make the most of its collaborative features.

5. Connect employees around the office, the nation, and the world

LumApps is a multilingual solution that allows organizations to communicate with employees around the world in their own languages and populate their activity feeds with customized content that’s relevant to them. In addition to being able to easily share and discuss this content with co-workers in other departments, LumApps allows employees to create internal social profiles and follow people, communities, and topics that are of interest to them, fostering a sense of community that drives employee satisfaction and loyalty. This boosts employee engagement, resulting in knowledge-sharing and employee retention. 

6. Turn your employees into brand advocates

Fully integrated with the LumApps social intranet, LumApps Social Employee Advocacy solution enables enterprises to turn their employees into brand advocates. With one click, employees can write personalized messages and share relevant branded content, such as news articles, corporate events, and customer stories, to external social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. All posts go into a queue so that program managers can review and approve them prior to release, and both managers and employees can access analytics to view the impact of employee shares.

LumApps is the only intranet app on the G Suite Marketplace that is recommended by Google. As an early adopter of Google Cloud Platform (GCP), LumApps’ roadmap aligns with Google and takes advantage of Google’s latest innovations. Because LumApps is built on GCP, customers can be assured of the highest standards of cybersecurity and compliance.



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