Top 9 reasons to leverage Googles cloud infrastructure and the value of an implementation partner

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Google runs one of the largest cloud infrastructures in the world.  There are thousands of reasons why you should use Google when you are shifting your business into the clouds. Here are the most important ones that you should know:

  1. Cloud computing is in Google’s DNA – Google is one of the primary pioneers in the field of cloud computing. They have been pushing the boundaries of cloud computing for more than ten years. They dared to dream of a world living in the clouds long before the rest of the world could even wrap their heads around the concept of the cloud. SADA can help you work with the best in the field with Google’s cloud.
  2. Faster access – Google cloud computing is synced in with Google accounts and everything on the cloud works seamlessly with one single account. All you need is a Google account. When everything is synced so easily and seamlessly, access to information and data is fast and instantaneous. Faster access drives innovation and productivity!
  3. Users experience less disruption – Google’s cloud syncing is so deep that users will rarely come across any disruption in their work. Everything will be up to date and synchronized across devices, platforms and systems. There will be no inconsistency. SADA Systems can ensure that your infrastructure will work seamlessly with Google Apps.
  4. Faster collaboration – All data on the cloud is stored online and multiple users can access the data at the same time. This makes for easy collaboration in working with the same file from different locations around the world with ease.
  5. Google’s rock solid security – Google has been in the business of online data protection for quite a while. You can be rest assured that your data will be in safe hands on the cloud. SADA Systems can help you store your data safely on Google’s cloud.
  6. Less data stored on vulnerable devices – The more you embrace the cloud, the lesser is your dependency on vulnerable devices. The cloud will store your data for you in secure data centers around the world. You do not have to worry about data stored on vulnerable devices anymore!
  7. Customers get higher reliability and uptime – Google cloud computing has an SLA of 99.9%, but operates much higher than than – closer to 99.99%.  Your customers will get nothing but the best in the cloud services when you utilize Google’s cloud. With SADA Systems as your cloud partner, you can be rest assured that your services will always be up!
  8. Google Apps allow flexibility and control – Google Apps has its own control panel – sure. But as part of a typical implementation, SADA configures Directory Synchronization so user access and credentials continue to be managed by your existing directory.
  9. Economies of scale – Google manages servers en masse when they build data centers around the world. They enjoy advantages of large scale economies. The cloud partners can take advantage of these economies when they partner with Google cloud.

Implementation partners help get you from where you are to where you want to be with expert Google Apps migration specialists and tools, certified trainers to get your organization up to speed and custom development opportunities to further bridge the gap between your existing business work flows and Google Apps. We build strong relationships with our clients and we understand the nuances of their business and how IT plays a role in it. Engaging Google Apps partners like SADA Systems are that extra step you take to ensure that your migration is a success.


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