UCLA and the Henri Gerard Desgranges Foundation Provide Quality Medical Care to Haiti with Google Drive

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The Henri Gerard Desgranges Foundation (HGDF) is a non profit organization, recently partnered with the UCLA Blum Center on Health and Poverty in Latin America to provide medical aid, education, and support to Petit Goave, Haiti, and surrounding rural areas. Petit Goave, the former capital of Haiti, is a once-bustling coastal town inside a bay of the Caribbean Sea. Bound by extreme poverty, the people of Petit Goave live in desperate need of basic necessities like clean water, electricity, education, trash removal, law enforcement, a functioning executive branch of government, legislature and judiciary, and more.HGD_UCLA_sada-systems-google-apps

SADA Systems is honored to support Dr. David Cutler, who is active in the UCLA Blum Center on Health and Poverty in Latin America and has led several HGDF missions to Haiti, by donating free Google Drive licenses to facilitate a tele-dermatology study.


Instead of conducting full consultations on-site, which were time consuming and required a specialized dermatologist, Dr. Cutler’s team would conduct a quick initial screening. The team used Google Drive to upload initial patient condition photos and information into shared folders in the cloud, uniquely coded for patient anonymity. Back in the US, a team of 10 specialized dermatologists who wanted to contribute but were not able to take time off to travel to Haiti, could access the files at any time - during lunch break, after hours, etc. - from their laptops, tablets, and mobile devices to conduct a full consultation and provide treatment recommendations and notes. Dr. Cutler’s team could then call those patients back into the clinic and provide them with the best possible treatment based on expert guidance from across the world.


Leveraging the Google Docs environment provided and set up by SADA Systems’ engineers, Dr. Cutler’s team was able to significantly speed up the consultation and treatment process in order to treat as many patients as possible.

Without the Google Apps environment configured by SADA Systems, Dr. Cutler’s team would only have been able to help 20% of the patients that they were able to provide with expert treatment in Haiti. “The secure, encrypted, HIPAA-compliant Google Docs platform allows our dermatologists to read the cases, review the photos, and complete the consultation in as little as four minutes,” said Dr. Cutler. “Evaluating these patients and uploading their cases and pictures on the internet has provided a greater number of tele-dermatology cases from Haiti than has ever been reported in the medical literature. I think that is a significant achievement!”

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