Understanding the Google Search Appliance: Bridging the Gap Between Users and Information

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Search engines like Google.com have made sifting through billions of records on the internet almost instantaneous. Quality, relevant information is a click away. However, how does that compare to the time it takes to find relevant information within your own organization?

What if you could do a Google search within your company’s data? The premise of the Google Search Appliance (GSA) is that it brings the power of Google.com to your organization, transforming the way your company finds information. The GSA crawls your company resources – across file shares, portals, databases, intranet and more – so that your employees don’t have to.
With the GSA, data can be accessed through a single search box from anywhere, even a mobile device.

This reduces time and money wasted searching for relevant company information and allows your employees to work smarter and faster. According to a recent IDC Study, the Google Search Appliance reduced search time by 74%.

Recent SADA Systems GSA customer Creative Circle, a specialized staffing agency that was looking for a way to reduce search time and mine data from a central resource, explains the benefit of the GSA in their organization: “The Google Search Appliance tool has broken down information silos and further differentiated us from other companies by revolutionizing the speed, simplicity, and accuracy in how we find experienced and talented candidates to match our clients’ needs for creative work.”

SADA Systems, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, specializes in deploying and customizing GSA environments to optimize search quality for some of the most complex projects. Our Google certified engineers are experienced in assessing your current infrastructure and delivering a tailor-made solution.

Click below to watch a short video to understand how the Google Search Appliance works within your organization:

Watch GSA Overview Video


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