Unit costing: The next frontier in cloud FinOps

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Whenever it can be implemented, unit costing will be the most effective means of managing and minimizing cloud expenses. With unit costing, a unit measure of consumption of cloud services can be measured per unit of production of a product or service. This practice is most effective at incentivizing efficiency and facilitates far more accurate budgeting and forecasting. As such, unit costing will become the standard by which FinOps practitioners obtain full business context for cloud costs. 

If you’re looking to better understand the impact of cloud costs on your business, you’ll find our Unit costing: The next frontier in cloud FinOps white paper enlightening. Authored by leading FinOps practitioners at SADA and Google, the white paper:

  • Describes unit costs conceptually using budgeting and forecasting as an application of unit costing
  • Explores the need for unit costing
  • Dives into real-world examples that showcase cloud-first organizations who are pioneering this important discipline

Download the paper now to learn why unit costing is the next frontier in managing cloud spend about how you can leverage it to create sustainable business value from the cloud.

Author: Rich Hoyer, Director of Customer FinOps, SADA
Co-author: Eric Lam, Head of Cloud FinOps, Offering Leader, Google
Contributor: Pathik Sharma, Cost Optimization Practice Lead, Google

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