User Renamer for Google Apps Success Story: Knitting Etc.

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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

In developing the User Renamer for Google Apps, SADA had the end-users specifically in mind. From large enterprises to small businesses, we hoped to solve that nasty static username issue so many Google Apps users encounter as quickly and as easily as possible.
Hickory and Steven Lee run a cute little yarn and knitting supplies shop in Ithaca, NY and happily utilize the Google Apps suite for their business needs. However, they ran into a little snag. We’ll let Steven from Knitting Etc of Ithaca, Inc. explain the rest:

When my wife bought a little yarn shop in Ithaca, NY back in late 2005, it had no presence on the Internet. We ventured onto the Internet by getting our domain name, and ran a web site and e-mail service on a little low-budget Linux server.


When Google launched Google Apps in 2006, I immediately signed up for an account and started playing with it. It was obvious that the Google cloud was faster, more reliable, and easier to maintain and use than our little Linux server. Soon I migrated the mail service to Google Apps. Today we also use Google Docs heavily for document exchange in our work flow and remote backup for critical business documents.


There was one unfortunate consequence of our rapid and early adaption of Google Apps: when I first signed up for an account to evaluate Google Apps right after its launch, I named it “webmaster” without too much thought. As we started using Google Apps more and more, I really wished I had named the account “steven.” Because Google has never provided a mechanism for renaming an account, I couldn’t do anything about it until Google Apps Marketplace opened and I found your little “Rename User” app. (the User Renamer for Google Apps)


I read the positive user feedbacks and saw the $10 price tag was right for the budget of a micro business like ours, so I purchased the app. I followed the simple instructions and the app did exactly what I wanted in a few seconds. Thanks SADA!

Aw, thank you Knitting Etc.!


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