Verizon Shutting Down its Public Cloud – What this Means for Current Customers

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Verizon Public Cloud

News was recently released that Verizon is shutting down two of its public cloud services, giving customers just a couple months to find an alternative platform for their data and systems.
What is Being Shut Down?
This move is not unexpected, rather it is a confirmation of what many industry leaders have been predicting. Two services will be shut down: Verizon Public Cloud Reserved Performance and Marketplace. Verizon Cloud Storage users will not be affected.
Although perspectives differ, it seems that cloud leaders like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) have constructed global infrastructures so strong that the barrier to entry is too high for other public cloud providers. Verizon shutting down its public cloud follows in the footsteps of HP and Dell, which both tried and failed to compete in the public cloud space.
Next Steps for Current Verizon Customers – Move It or Lose It
Current Verizon customers will need to quickly find an alternative platform for data storage and systems. Verizon has given its customers until April 12th, 2016 to migrate their data.
As stated in Verizon’s shutdown notice, “Verizon will retain no content or data remaining on these Cloud Spaces after that date and any content or data that you do not transfer prior to discontinuation will be irrecoverably deleted.
Alternative Platforms
Before making such an important decision as to where to migrate your data, we recommend considering options and alternative platforms with a qualified partner to provide guidance and services for a smooth transition. As a premier partner for both Microsoft and Google and over a decade of cloud expertise, SADA Systems would like to provide you with two alternative platforms to consider:
Microsoft Azure
Azure is ideal for many customers due to friendly integration with Microsoft products as well as on-premises systems. This eases the transition significantly with pre-configured options, particularly for customers already leveraging Microsoft technology.

  • Rapidly provisioned virtual machines
  • Cloud storage with backup, recovery, geo-replication
  • Multifactor authentication and access management, Single Sign-On
  • Azure Site Recovery, designed to help aid in automating the lift and shift process moving VMs from other datacenters or public clouds such as Amazon, Verizon, etc.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
GCP is highly developer-focused and ideal for high compute workloads. A broad global infrastructure facilitates effortless scalability, and Google is known for its flexible and simple cloud pricing model.  

  • Global network with software-defined networking and edge caching services
  • Per-minute billing without requiring reserved instances
  • Highly flexible infrastructure built to integrate existing applications with data hosted across GCP
Free Cloud Platform Assessment

To better assess which platform best suits your needs, contact SADA’s qualified cloud experts for a free cloud assessment. SADA Systems can provide strategies and accelerated services to guide organizations through the migration process as quickly as possible.
Contact us at [email protected] with any questions, or click below for a free assessment by cloud experts to identify which platform is right for you.


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