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By SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Have you found yourself wishing for better work related collaboration? SADA Systems can help your business by setting up Google Docs and training your employees to utilize the enormous potential of Google Docs. To understand the potential of work collaboration through Google Docs, here’s an example:

Google Docs provides online collaboration all the documents stored online. Multiple users can access the docs at the same time and work together and collaborate while they edit it. The chat client provided in Google Docs enables them to instantly chat and work together with all the current editors for the document. They can work together to solve problems and resolve issues. Changes made by users are instantly shown to all other users. The cloud will ensure that the document is always up to date with all changes reflecting immediately.

The collaborative powers of Google Docs provides comments in all collaborative editing. The comments section allows you to address issues in the document by coordinating with all the users. It allows you to address any user for his or her input. You can address the comment to a user and this will generate an email straight to the person it was addressed to. The email will provide a chain of conversation along with time stamps so that even if the user is not currently editing the document, he will instantly understand the situation and be able to provide his feedback. He can simply reply to the email and it will post back as a comment for everyone to view while they edit the document. The email will even have a link straight to the document in case the referred user needs to look at the document. It is fast, simple and collaboration could not have been easier. It is as good as all the users sitting in one room with the document opened out on their table. Google Docs makes it just that easy!

With the help of SADA Systems, you can achieve this level of collaboration with your employees as well. SADA can help you flesh out your IT strategy to better incorporate collaboration as part of your organization’s everyday work plan. At SADA, we offer Google Apps training for your employees so they take advantage of the collaborative power of Google Apps!


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