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Episode 109

A poly-chronic approach to healthcare: How Vida Health is advancing digital health with SADA and Google Cloud

  • Michael Ames

    Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences, SADA

  • Simon Margolis

    VP, Pre-Sales Cloud Engineering, SADA

  • Amol Kher

    VP, Engineering, Vida Health

  • Tai Yu

    Software Engineer, Vida Health

September 28, 2021

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Welcome back to the #CloudNClear podcast! We are hosted by Michael Ames, Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences, and Simon Margolis, VP of Engineering, at SADA. They are joined by Amol Kher, VP of Engineering, and Tai Yu, Software Engineer, at Vida Health.

In this conversation, we learn more about Vida Health’s work helping organizations manage healthcare costs with the technology they’re building on the Google Cloud Platform, and the company’s poly-chronic approach to treatment and analyzing #medicaldata. Find out why Vida Health chose SADA to help them migrate to #GCP.

Hosts: Michael Ames // Simon Margolis
Guests: Amol Kher // Tai Yu 

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