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Episode 111

Advancing 3D Printing: How SADA helped MakerBot migrate from AWS to Google Cloud

  • Tony Safoian


  • James Franz

    VP of Operations, MakerBot

October 26, 2021

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This episode of Cloud N Clear highlights the global leader in manufacturing desktop 3D printers, and SADA customer, MakerBot. Tony Safoian, CEO, SADA, interviews James Franz, VP of Operations, MakerBot, to explore the pivotal role SADA played in helping them migrate from AWS to Google Cloud, and modernize their cloud infrastructure.

In this discussion, you’ll uncover details about MakerBot’s cloud migration. Discover how SADA and Google Cloud have applied industry-leading cloud solutions to the organization’s IT and cloud operations, enabling them to advance 3D printing technology. Watch or listen now to explore some benefits and strategies for leveraging Google Clouds in the 3D printing industry.

Host: Tony Safoian, CEO, SADA
Guests: James Franz, VP of Operations, MakerBot

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