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Episode 114

Automation Anywhere taps SADA to optimize their robotic process automation on GCP

  • Miles Ward


  • Anoop Tripathi

    VP of Engineering, Automation Anywhere

December 7, 2021

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STOP & LISTEN! #CloudNClear steps into the future as this exciting episode highlights another SADA customer and #roboticprocessautomation (RPA) company, Automation Anywhere. Their focus is on increasing #productivity and ROI for organizations with their #cloud-native platform approach to #automate #businessprocess.

Miles Ward, CTO, SADA, steps in as host to speak with Anoop Tripathi, VP of #Engineering, Automation Anywhere. This discussion explores the vast possibilities of #RPA when coupled with a #cloud-native approach and how Automation Anywhere is leaning on SADA to help deliver intelligent #processautomation with the help of SADA and #GoogleCloud.

Host: Miles Ward
Guests: Anoop Tripathi

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