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Episode 101

Google Cloud and SADA help GrandPad remove technical barriers for seniors

  • Tony Safoian


  • Scott Lien

    CEO & Co-Founder, GrandPad

June 8, 2021

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Presenting GandPad as our next customer spotlight on the #CloudNClear podcast! GrandPad is a consumer electronics company that is improving the lives of millions of super seniors by removing technical barriers and frustrations of connecting them with their families. The key is a great product that totes a simple interface and choosing SADA to help them scale their #cloud capabilities. 

Scott Lien, CEO & CO-Founder of GrandPad, sits down with me to discuss his company’s impactful mission statement, how SADA has helped them realize their potential with #GCP by maximizing the #GoogleCloud services in use. Join our discussion to learn more about how GrandPad were early adopters of the #GoogleCloudPlatform and how SADA is supporting their success.

Host: Tony Safoian
Guests: Scott Lien

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