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Episode 110

Power-up: how Google Cloud is making scale easy for game developers

  • Miles Ward


  • Rob Martin

    Chief Architect, Google Cloud for Games

October 12, 2021

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Join #CloudNClear today! This all-new episode includes our very own Miles Ward, CTO, SADA, as he interviews a special guest and partner Rob Martin, Chief Architect, Google Cloud for #Games. They discuss Rob’s pivotal role in scaling up global #videogames on #cloudinfrastructure.

Learn more about how #GoogleCloud is powering the #gamingindustry with innovative product offerings. Unpack what it means to run Triple-A and #mobilegames on the #cloud, why it’s so hard to manage the varying #infrastructure needs, and how the organization is accelerating its #technology to support #cloudgaming.

Host: Miles Ward
Guests: Rob Martin

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