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Episode 119

SADA SaaS Alliance Partner MariaDB unlocks the power of its databases with Google Cloud

  • Narine Galstian


  • Franz Aman

    CMO, MariaDB

February 15, 2022

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#CloudNClear is here with host Narine Galstian, CMO, SADA, who will be interviewing another friend and #SaaS #Alliance #Partner, Franz Aman, CMO, MariaDB.

Tune in on-demand as they unveil how the #partnership has allowed MariaDB to differentiate their go-to-market strategies for #SkySQL, and why they originally decided to enter the #database market on the #GoogleCloudPlatform. They discuss the #technical depth of #GCP and how our team provided #nextlevel, unmatched core competency around #Kubernetes.

Find out how MariaDB is #partnering to provide a simple #datamanagement solution, and why other #partners like them are going all-in with SADA and @GoogleCloud.


Host: Narine Galstian | CMO, SADA
Guests: Franz Aman | CMO, MariaDB

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