Blue Triangle gets on the Google Cloud Marketplace with help from SADA



Blue Triangle got onto Google Cloud Marketplace with SADA’s help, enabling customers to buy their digital experience monitoring with click-to-buy.



Digital Natives


Into Google Cloud Marketplace


With 2 customers via SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program

Imagine operating a business on the internet, but something isn’t working on the website, which interferes with or prevents customers from buying or completing a desired action. What if you could find the web pages that weren’t working or were too slow to enable a frictionless customer experience?

“As a digital experience analytics company, Blue Triangle quantifies the impact of the end-user experience, like slow pages, broken links, and other things creating friction in the customer journey directly to business metrics,” says Tim Grant, Founder and CTO of Blue Triangle. “We can tell you if a site can make more money by addressing end-user experience issues like speed, for example, and accurately answer questions like, ‘How much more revenue could we make if we speed up a page by a second.’ ”

Blue Triangle, a SADA SaaS Alliance Partner, helps organize and inventory everything on websites, too. “We also have some really great synthetic monitoring for ongoing availability, monitoring, and more,” says Grant. “At a high level, big picture view, we help people make more money online.”

Business challenge

Blue Triangle needed to make it easier for customers to engage with them. They wanted to make it simpler for customers to access Google Cloud Marketplace funds and/or credits already on hand and make it less complicated to implement their solution with as little integration work as possible.

As a SaaS startup, Blue Triangle sometimes sells their service through partners and doesn’t always have a direct relationship with the end customer. When there is a change in partners, the customers and Blue Triangle can become disconnected even when they still have active licenses. Blue Triangle needed an additional way to bridge the gap with these customers and enhance relationship continuity. 

Blue Triangle was also in search of additional customers on the internet and social media. As a small-to-medium-sized business (SMB), they wanted to make a larger impact on these channels.


To make it easier for customers to access, procure, and deploy their digital experience analytics solutions, Blue Triangle had SADA help implement and onboard them onto the Google Cloud Marketplace.

Getting SADA’s assistance to be added to the Google Cloud Marketplace involves a series of steps, verifications, and cross-checks, which actually takes a few months. SADA was able to help us navigate that process, stepping in where we needed some automation and guided us down that path.

Tim Grant | Founder and CTO of Blue Triangle

SADA leveraged their Marketplace Integration Service to get Blue Triangle onto the Google Cloud Marketplace as quickly as possible. Taking a professional services approach tailored to Blue Triangle’s needs, the key activities completed by SADA included:

  • Gathering information to author and submit Blue Triangle’s listing, including technical descriptions, documentation, terms of service, and pricing 
  • Working with Blue Triangle’s technical team to build an account sign-up page, the internal order processing code, and submission of usage-based pricing metrics 
  • Conducting test transactions to confirm billing accuracy and completing the final Google Cloud review process 

As a SADA SaaS Alliance Partner, Blue Triangle has been able to take advantage of co-marketing and co-selling opportunities available to them. To help increase their profile on the internet, SADA hosted a Blue Triangle live presentation as part of its Ground School training series on Google Cloud topics. “Actually, we had two sessions at SADA’s Google Cloud Ground School,” says Lance Buchholz, VP, Partners and Alliances at Blue Triangle. “Before that, we had an interview on the SADA Cloud N Clear podcast, so that helped, too.”

SADA amplified these Blue Triangle videos by posting them on social media, with up to 200 employees sharing them through individual handles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. “SADA helped increase awareness of Blue Triangle on the internet,” says Buchholz. “We’re seeing a lot more social media discussion about Blue Triangle, which really helps.”

Additionally, SADA has been able to reconnect Blue Triangle with customers who still have active licenses. “SADA account managers are already working with these accounts and we’re reaching out to them to introduce us to the customers who own these licenses,” says Buchholz. “Then we can tell the customers how to use their licenses and expand their usage. At that point, they just spend their Google Cloud credits to buy Blue Triangle through the marketplace.” 


After successful integration into the Google Cloud Marketplace, Blue Triangle can be added to a Google Cloud customer’s environment with one click. SADA was able to onboard Blue Triangle without third-party software. Partnering with SADA’s industry-leading Google Cloud experts gave Blue Triangle peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their app, while SADA focused on their listing. Customers now can add Blue Triangle to their tech stack simply and easily, scaling it to their needs, billing it to their existing Google Cloud account, and counting it against their total commitment. 

Getting into the Google Cloud Marketplace and being able to position ourselves and begin selling in the marketplace was one of our strategic goals. We had direct access to SADA engineering throughout the process.

Tim Grant | Founder and CTO of Blue Triangle

By participating in SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, Blue Triangle has availed themselves of the opportunity to make direct impressions on over 1,000 customers with real-time and on-demand video. Additionally, those videos were streamed and seen in snippets by hundreds of prospects on LinkedIn and other social media. Working with SADA account managers, Blue Triangle has already reconnected with two previous customers and educated them about buying in the marketplace with one click.

SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program is an industry-leading initiative aimed at helping independent software vendors (ISVs) and SaaS organizations scale their businesses faster and maximize the value of their partnership with Google Cloud. The SaaS Alliance Program guides software companies to drive innovation, enhance their product offerings, accelerate customer acquisition, and amplify their marketing efforts. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, SADA has formed powerful and impactful partnerships with ISVs by filling the increasing demand for go-to-market support and expertise. Learn more about SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program.

Going forward, SADA will help Blue Triangle make their transition from Snowflake to BigQuery to enhance their Enterprise Data Warehouse capabilities. This will help solve their operational efficiency and scalability challenges as they adapt their data sets and complete the data migration.

SADA has built a wonderful culture, and after working with anybody and everybody inside the company reveals that they all have a positive attitude. SADA is a culture of ‘yes.’ As a customer, we never hear, ‘No,’ ‘I don't want to do that,’ or ‘We’ve never done this before.’ SADAians always say, ‘That's an interesting idea…let’s look into it.’

— Lance Buchholz | VP, Partners and Alliance at Blue Triangle

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