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in the Google Marketplace in 8 weeks


1st deal on Google Marketplace in weeks

The workplace has evolved dramatically in the past decade. Employees from large enterprises to small startups have become increasingly mobile and adapted to an “anytime, anywhere” work ethos. 

While today’s modern hybrid environment has increased the bottom line for many organizations by condensing expensive office space, it has also presented a challenge for creating a seamless experience between people and workplaces.

“On-site employees require access to adequate workspaces, whether they’re in the office every day or only come in a few days a week to attend meetings and collaborate with colleagues,” says Benjamin Gauthier, CEO and Co-founder of Comeen. “Our vision is to create a reliable and intuitive system that will optimize workspace utilization while encouraging employee engagement and retention.”

Comeen Workplace is an enterprise-grade platform integrated with Google Workspace that empowers employees to plan and publish their weekly office and remote schedules. The SaaS solution facilitates employee desk and conference room bookings with teammates and provides human resources managers with valuable historical occupancy data and predictive workspace analytics. 

Business challenge

Comeen completely migrated from a combination of Azure and AWS to Google Cloud in 2022. “It made perfect sense to transition our offerings to Google Cloud because most of our customers are large enterprises that already use Google Workspace,” says Ben. “The majority of them also leverage Google Cloud and have substantial Google Cloud commitments.”

As a value-add to existing and future customers, Ben and his team wanted to list and integrate the Comeen Workplace platform and Comeen Play, a digital signage platform that delivers content directly to the workforce, via the Google Cloud Marketplace. 

With a listing on Google Cloud’s curated catalog of solutions, customers would be able to easily buy Comeen’s products directly from the marketplace and utilize the purchase to draw down and count against their overall Google Cloud commit. All spend on solutions purchased from Google Cloud Marketplace is added to customers’ existing Google Cloud invoices.


Upon the recommendation of Google Cloud, Comeen reached out to SADA, a multiple-time Google Cloud Partner of the Year, to learn more about the SADA’s reputable Google Cloud Marketplace Integration Services.

Google Cloud provided us with insight about the technical development and the API that we needed to develop to be on the Google Cloud Marketplace. We knew this would take a long time by ourselves and wanted to move as fast as possible. They introduced us to SADA, and we soon realized we were dealing with experts who could quickly create this integration for us.”

Simon Cleriot | CTO and Co-founder of Comeen

SADA went all in on the creation and submission of the marketplace listing, driving the approval process for both platforms with Google Cloud, then testing and validating the proper functioning of the registration process and setting up revenue reporting. From kickoff to go-live, SADA completed the entire project in eight weeks. 


As a result of leveraging SADA’s Professional Services, Comeen was able to get their workplace experience solutions listed in the Google Cloud Marketplace, which began processing new business almost immediately. “We had only been on the marketplace for a few weeks before we won an RFP for a large retail enterprise purchasing several thousand licenses,” says Ben. “We quickly realized the value of this strategic decision, which has been great.” 

With the way Google Cloud customers purchase technology solutions in flux, Comeen sees it as a competitive edge to be in the marketplace. “In the last eighteen months, we’ve seen that the business is evolving as to how you buy B2B SaaS projects like Comeen,” says Ben. “We have an opportunity to be one of the first workplace experience platforms on the Google Cloud Marketplace. It makes sense for our market because we already have many customers with Google Cloud commits. It’s not only an advantage for existing customers but also for new ones when we can cite our marketplace integration in RFPs and competitors cannot.”

SADA and Comeen have also started collaborating on introducing new customers to Comeen’s solutions. When Comeen discovers that an enterprise prospect is already a SADA customer, they endeavor to leverage the relationship. 

We’re starting to have meetings with leads, and it turns out some are already working with SADA. Then we’ll ask the SADA Sales Representative to accompany us, which is great because Comeen, as the software maker, can go to the meeting with the Google Cloud partner, SADA, who can say, ‘We can handle deployment of Comeen and support you throughout the sales process.’ That’s very reassuring for large customers to hear.

Benjamin Gauthier | CEO and Co-founder of Comeen

In addition, Comeen is now part of Google Cloud’s Marketplace Incentive Program. As a France-based company with a solid presence in Europe, Comeen is expanding their focus to include the North American market. Through this program, Google Cloud Field Sales Representatives will help Comeen generate and close deals. 

Overall, by working with SADA, Comeen was able to:

  • Complete integration in the Google Cloud Marketplace in only eight weeks
  • Build a customized account sign-up page
  • Determine a complementary pricing model
  • Natively integrate applications with the marketplace APIs

Working with SADA has been great. Simply put, SADA gets stuff done. I highly recommend to any ISV who wants to get on the Google Cloud Marketplace that their first step should be to contact SADA.

— Benjamin Gauthier | CEO and Co-founder of Comeen

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