King, Krebs & Jurgens Streamlines Legal Administration with Google Workspace



King, Krebs & Jurgens opted to deploy Google Workspace. SADA worked with King, Krebs & Jurgens to develop a strategy for an Enterprise level deployment that would address the specific needs of their organization



King, Krebs & Jurgens is a New Orleans, Louisiana based law firm that was founded with a mission to provide their clients with high quality legal services while remaining cost efficient.


Before switching to Google Workspace, King, Krebs & Jurgens were providing email to their employees through Microsoft Exchange 2003. The firm requires email accounts for over 100 employees, email delivered to two domains, and dual-delivery support for both domains to their existing Microsoft Exchange Server and Google Workspace. As with most law firms, retention of correspondence and email was mission critical due to compliance laws and other regulatory requirements. Migration of old email messages to Google Workspace was an essential component of the project for King, Krebs & Jurgens.


King, Krebs & Jurgens opted to deploy Google Workspace for Enterprise. SADA worked with King, Krebs & Jurgens to develop a strategy for an Enterprise level deployment that would address the specific needs of their organization, including:

  • User Provisioning and Sync Tools using Active Directory as the Identity Management system of choice.
  • Email and contact data migration for existing users accomplished through IMAP migration and other methods.
  • Enhanced dual-delivery for MS Exchange 2003, which allows email sent to recipients on the legacy system to receive email in both Google Workspace and MS Exchange.


After implementation of Google Workspace for Enterprise, King, Krebs & Jurgens have a cost-effective and efficient dual-delivery solution that will allow them to gradually transition away from Microsoft Exchange completely. Increases to email efficiency while streamlining administration have made big improvements to productivity, and freed up King, Krebs & Jurgens internal IT to focus on other mission-critical projects. Additionally, considering that King, Krebs & Jurgens is located in a region where weather often turns into natural disasters, Google Workspace is a robust business continuity/disaster recovery solution provided at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

“Due to a dependence on our legacy email system, I did not think our migration to Google Workspace was going to be easy. SADA systems proved me wrong. Using a well-planned, detailed process, they were able to move our legacy accounts and maintain dual delivery of email to Google Workspace and our legacy mail server. They accomplished this with no loss of communications within our business or with our clients. SADA’s thorough engineers and project managers left us with no surprises or downtime. SADA systems explained each step and allowed me a greater understanding and confidence during and after our migration to Google Workspace,” says Johnston Smith, IT Director for King, Krebs & Jurgens.

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