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Ocient integrated into Google Cloud Marketplace with SADA’s help to enable customers to more quickly draw down their Google Cloud commitments.



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In the Google Marketplace in 6 weeks


1st deal on Google Marketplace <15 min

A billion here, a billion there, and soon you’re talking about real numbers. What if the number of records you had to analyze in your database or data warehouse was not in the billions but in the trillions?  

“Our customers are collecting more and more data, both from their organizations and from external sources,” says Matt Bergman, Director of Global Sales and Operations Strategy at Ocient, a massively parallel relational data warehouse platform. “The challenge is not data collection or storage, but finding fast and efficient ways to process and analyze the data in ways that can drive their business to the next level. That’s what prompted the idea for the Ocient solution.” 

Ocient discovered that when companies got to data sets in the terabyte, petabyte, or exabyte range it’s harder to understand their data well enough to ask the right questions. 

“We noticed that legacy technologies weren’t allowing customers to ask questions at the volume and velocity required to innovate,” says Rhett Starr, Senior Product Manager at Ocient. “To help customers unlock more value from their data at higher fidelity and with an affordable cost structure, we came up with a new data warehouse architecture and pioneered a way to execute high-performance analytics while enabling customers to drive down costs.” 

Business challenge

While Ocient offers deployment flexibility for customers who are looking to manage their data both on-premises and in the cloud, the company has recently expanded their hyperscale data warehouse solution offering in Google Cloud. “Ocient has always believed in offering customers flexibility in deployment, and when it comes to cloud customers, we see a pressing need to migrate more data and improve processing at scale in Google Cloud,” says Starr. “Many cloud customers have addressed low hanging fruit workloads, but struggle to find an effective and affordable path to executing analytics at hyperscale. While many have big cloud commitments, they are feeling more pressure to drive cost efficiencies across the organization.”

That’s where Ocient can help. Ocient partners closely with customers to understand their entire data management ecosystem and develop a streamlined solution across data integration, analytics, storage, and visualization or modeling. “By doing this in Google Cloud for joint customers, we enable them to execute extremely challenging workloads while leveraging the cloud-based ecosystems of services within Google Cloud,” says Starr. “They can also deploy with confidence because they are running as efficiently as possible at the lowest possible cost in the cloud.”

As a matter of fact, Ocient has a very large customer who already had made a substantial Google Cloud commitment. While they had chosen Google Cloud as their cloud environment of choice, migrating some of their most complex workloads to run efficiently in the cloud required significant resources to execute the end-to-end data engineering, workload development, ETL/ELT pipelines, and full replatforming.

Ocient needed to quickly scale their investment to meet the customer’s demands of burning down their Google Cloud commitment along with specialized help to be integrated into the Google Cloud Marketplace.


When it came to getting onto the Google Cloud Marketplace, Ocient considered doing it alone at first. Then Ocient elected to work with SADA because of SADA’s leading Google Cloud Marketplace Integration Services practice.

There were two aspects to getting onto the Google Cloud Marketplace. One was the technical know-how to support marketplace integration and Pub/Sub configuration for notifications when a customer makes a purchase. Second, we needed the acceptance approvals from Google Cloud, which SADA was able to help facilitate.

Rhett Starr | Senior Product Manager at Ocient

To get Ocient into the marketplace, SADA provided Ocient with in-depth knowledge and best-practices guidance around Google Cloud Marketplace. This helped accelerate the integration and deployment of Ocient’s registration page and order approval process. 

Then SADA managed the creation and submission of the marketplace listing, taking the lead for getting Ocient’s marketplace listing approved by Google Cloud, leveraging SADA’s unique relationship with Google Cloud. Finally, SADA tested and validated the proper functioning of the registration process and set up revenue reporting.

On the business side, Ocient joined SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, a go-to-market acceleration program for B2B SaaS, ISVs, and digital natives to jump-start their promotional and sales activities. “Partnering with SADA has helped us in terms of speed to market and getting in front of sellers, including which in-person and virtual events to go to in order to talk about Ocient,” says Bergman.

SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program worked with Ocient to get them in front of engaged customers at in-person meetings like the Google Cloud Next ’22 on the Road event in New York City and the inaugural SADA IMPACT cloud transformation summit, which hosted in-real-life and virtual attendees. SADA also hosted Ocient in its five-star-rated podcast Cloud N Clear.

In addition, SADA and Ocient have been building the foundation of their brand profile, creating a joint go-to-market strategy with co-branded marketing materials, including a solution flyer and logo placement on the SADA SaaS Alliance Partner page


As a result of working with SADA, Ocient was able to get their data warehouse solution listed in the Google Cloud Marketplace in six weeks–from project kickoff to go-live. In the process, Ocient has extended the value proposition for Google Cloud customers who can more easily fulfill their commitments for cloud services by purchasing Ocient via the marketplace. 

One large Google Cloud customer took advantage of Ocient’s marketplace listing right away. “This customer has a brand new, large commitment to Google Cloud,” says Starr. “They were looking for ways to use that commitment while improving the output of their data analytics over their prior system and driving new cost efficiencies for the business. By working with Ocient via Google Cloud Marketplace, they’re able to accomplish their objective of deploying a more performant solution while simultaneously burning down their commitment to Google Cloud.”

Additionally, by leveraging SADA’s help to get on the Google Cloud Marketplace, Ocient was able to spend more time solving customer challenges instead of navigating the nuances of getting onto the marketplace. This in turn accelerated customers’ ability to launch effectively on Ocient in Google Cloud, sunset their legacy data management environment, and deliver ROI earlier. 

Teaming up with SADA and having them invite us to their podcast, Google Cloud events, and SADA IMPACT has had a significant effect on our business velocity. It would have taken us a long time to build that audience by ourselves. The partnership with SADA has been invaluable in getting our message about the Ocient solution in front of the right audience.

Matt Bergman | Director of Global Sales and Operations Strategy at Ocient

Overall, by working with SADA, Ocient was able to:

  • Complete integration into the Google Cloud Marketplace in only six weeks
  • Close their first transaction on the marketplace in under 15 minutes
  • Help their largest customer fulfill their Google Cloud commitment faster

SADA is critical to our success with Google Cloud. They’re our Google Cloud partner of choice for navigating the large Google Cloud ecosystem. Without their help, it would have taken us a long time to get in front of the number of people that they’ve gotten us in front of. The deciding factor in going with SADA was that we would have a better go-to-market experience with them.

— Matt Bergman | Director of Global Sales and Operations Strategy at Ocient

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