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Sembly AI cross-platform web and mobile application developers rely on SADA for Google Cloud infrastructure and cost optimization expertise.



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Infrastructure costs by 15%


Architecture roadmap tasks

Digital transformation projects within a small business or enterprise often involve dozens of team members who attend many meetings from start to finish. While many members have returned to the office full time, some may work in a hybrid mode two or three days a week. Others work remotely permanently. For all, online meetings have become integral to how they coordinate activities and share information. To capture that content, something beyond manual meeting minutes is needed for companies to unlock the power of digital transformation.

“The genesis of Sembly AI is the concept of adding AI capabilities to online and hybrid in-person meetings to supercharge project teams with relevant and valuable insights,” says Artem Koren, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Sembly AI. “Attendees can focus on the discussion and delivering results rather than being distracted by spending time taking notes.”

Sembly AI is a turnkey, cross-platform web and mobile application that accompanies users to online meetings, including Google Meet, then delivers comprehensive content available for review, search, and sharing. The proxy attendance feature allows team members to send a Sembly AI agent to attend the meeting during a calendar or time zone conflict or to reduce online meeting fatigue. 

This platform is powered by Sembly AI’s highly accurate, second-generation proprietary transcription engine. Its enhanced AI functionality understands complete conversations, generating precise topical outlines, essential action items, meeting note summaries, and full conversation transcripts. 

Business challenge 

Early on, Sembly AI’s team of engineers and product developers knew that their AI platform would require access to GPUs in a flexible and cost-effective manner to build their platform. After launching their platform, Sembly AI realized they needed a way to scale their infrastructure as business increased so they could stay focused on innovating and expanding their product and not spend time working on the technological architecture. 

Additionally, as a startup, Sembly AI sought exposure to an incubator program that would enable them to accelerate the development of their voice-powered AI platform and gain insights into machine learning. With their plan to integrate into the major collaboration and productivity suites, Sembly AI wanted more information about their inner workings.


After reviewing all the major cloud providers, Sembly AI selected Google Cloud. “We really liked the ease with which you can administer Google Cloud,” says Koren. “Everything was very intuitive, stable, and worked well. We also appreciated Google Cloud’s philosophy around GPU management where in some cases certain GPUs make sense, but for other use cases different GPUs are more effective.”

Next, Sembly AI participated in the inaugural cohort of the Google for Startups Accelerator program focused on Voice AI. The three-month digital program brings the best of Google Cloud’s products, people, and technology to the most innovative voice technology companies across the region. “We worked with really great people from Google Cloud and got interesting insights on our machine learning and infrastructure,” says Koren. “We also have a better understanding of Google Workspace. Overall, it was a very beneficial experience for us.”

To support Sembly AI’s infrastructure requirements, Google Cloud recommended SADA, a multiple-time Google Cloud Partner of the Year, as a knowledgeable resource to advise them on their Google Cloud operating environment and for integrating into Google Workspace’s set of productivity and collaboration tools. 

We were looking for a company like SADA with vast experience that we could consult with when we encounter new infrastructure situations. The Sembly AI team is extremely focused on innovation and product development, so we needed outside expertise with architectural roadmaps and Google Cloud know-how to optimize our infrastructure.

Artem Koren | Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Sembly AI

Running a lean team of developers, Sembly AI depends on SADA to resolve architectural inquiries and anticipate future needs. “There’s a very high level of responsiveness and closeness of interaction with SADA,” says Koren. “I’ve worked with a number of professional organizations in my career, and SADA is at the top of that list. With SADA, we don’t throw something over the wall and wonder when, or if, something will happen.” 


As a result of working with SADA and Google Cloud on their infrastructure, Sembly AI has been able to channel all their energy into continuous improvement of their virtual meeting AI agent. “Where Sembly AI really excels is the depth and quality of our AI-powered analytics,” says Koren. “The kinds of meeting notes we generate and key action items we provide in our insights are the absolute best in our domain.” 

We appreciate the tremendous backing SADA and Google Cloud have provided to get us to this stage of product development.

Artem Koren | Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Sembly AI

In addition to providing consultation on infrastructure needs and optimizing Sembly AI’s cost performance by 15%, SADA is advising their product team on Google Workspace. In particular, Sembly would like to explore a closer integration with Google Meet and offer input to the Google Workspace roadmap to evolve features to support AI meeting agents within Google Meet.

“Our team does magic but they’re not Google Cloud experts,” says Koren. “There are new developments all the time in the Google Cloud ecosystem, and SADA is our go-to partner for that information. SADA enables us to offload our infrastructure responsibility and, instead, invest in our applications and build out new features.”

Overall, SADA helped Sembly AI:

  • Optimize Google Cloud resources to meet infrastructure demands
  • Access regional availability for data sovereignty
  • Save 15% on infrastructure costs

Our team really appreciates the ability to work through nuanced infrastructure matters with SADA. It’s like having Google Cloud expertise on tap and that’s very valuable to our organization.

— Artem Koren | Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Sembly AI

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