With Google Workspace, Norwell Public Schools Provides Students and Staff with Convenient and Reliable Technology


With Google Workspace, Norwell Public Schools Provides Students and Staff with Convenient and Reliable Technology


Norwell, Massachusetts is a centuries-old town just twenty-five miles southeast of Boston that is experiencing rapid growth and a consequent push towards modernity. The public schools in Norwell include two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, which encompass roughly 2,500 students and 300 teaching staff within a population of 10,000 residents. To keep pace with the expanding community, after receiving a fifty-four million dollar fund from the Norwell Construction Program, the town sought to upgrade school facilities and programs to improve the local public school education system.


With all four public schools moving towards 21st century technological reforms, students, teachers, and administrators needed to integrate documents and services with an updated and easily accessible solution. After using Microsoft for years, the Norwell Public Schools (NPS) turned to Microsoft cloud solutions. Following two presentations by the Microsoft teams, independent research within the NPS staff saw the potential to deploy Google Workspace for their school system.

Google Workspace’s flexibility in allowing for working collaboration fell in line with the staff’s need to share, work on, and find any kind of document with other staff and students simultaneously. Many members of faculty After conversing with three other SADA clients, including Northwestern University, strong recommendations led NPS to contact SADA for Google Workspace for Education implementation, including assistance with system-change management.


SADA System’s extensive experience in deploying Google Workspace for similar school districts allowed SADA to fully comprehend the intricacies of NPS’ current Microsoft exchange environment, and to make their integration into the cloud a smooth one. SADA and NPS worked together to evaluate the infrastructure of the school system’s operation, leading SADA to engineer a customized tiered project management solution for NPS. With SADA System’s readily available implementation assistance, NPS had Google Workspace deployed and were provisioned Google Workspace accounts with the Google Workspace Directory sync and the Google Workspace Single Sign-On solution sync (with a password). SADA also supported end users and administrators with thorough Google Workspace training, to ensure their comfort with the cloud and future independent usage.

  • SADA assisted with the migration to Google Workspace by provisioning Google Workspace accounts and deployment of Google Workspace.
  • SADA implemented the Google Workspace Directory Sync and Google Workspace Single Sign-On solution with a password sync.
  • SADA provided Google Workspace training for end users and administrators.


The Norwell Public Schools’ transition to the cloud went smoothly following SADA Systems’ careful evaluation of their data system as well as their collaboration during staff training. By shifting their system to the cloud-computing model offered by Google, the Norwell Public Schools were able to increase their IT efficiency, creating an educational atmosphere reflective of today’s technological capabilities.

Now able to engage both students and staff in a network of convenient and reliable productive technology, NPS administration states, “We have just completed the transition to Google Workspace for staff and students. SADA Systems was extremely helpful through this entire migration. We look forward to working with them in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of this same assistance.”

“SADA Systems was extremely helpful through this entire migration.”

— - NPS Administration

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