Don’t let your GCP POC undermine your production environment

SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

By SADA Engineering

You’ve just completed your cloud Proof-of-Concept (POC). Your team spent dozens–even hundreds of hours and long days, enduring frustrations and successes proving the methodology and technology. It feels like it’s time for the next step in your cloud journey–but really, it’s the time to step back and evaluate your POC objectively. Let’s face it–POC also means Poorly Optimized Configurations, and it is not ready for a production release.  

What should you do next? Start by performing a thorough analysis of your POC. Evaluate how it can be better and compare the POC to production requirements. Otherwise, you may have a frustrated business with long-term operational issues–something you don’t want in your new pristine cloud environment. Spoiler alert: the likely result of that analysis is throwing the POC into the garbage and starting over.

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