Generally not recommended: Docker in Docker in Docker…

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By SADA Engineering

Normally, in this space we talk about interesting solutions to challenges that we’ve encountered and other useful technical topics. This time, we’re going in a different direction. 

In this industry, we often hear the phrase “best-practices” to describe activities or techniques that are recommended for any number of practical reasons. What about the other stuff? The stuff that everybody with a curious mind tries out at one time or another, simply to see what happens? Sometimes you learn something in the process, or maybe not. It’s the experimentation that matters. Perhaps a particular exercise doesn’t yield any practical result, but the exploratory mindset is extremely valuable, nonetheless. It’s part of developing an aptitude for creative problem solving that can yield surprising results in your work.

This is the first in an on-going, sporadic series of articles in which we will explore practices that are definitely not the “best”. While they may not necessarily be the worst-practices, they’re definitely “not generally recommended”. Will we learn something along the way? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s take a look.

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